It sometimes becomes harder to determine the appropriate housekeeper’s role or housekeeping service provider in a modern senior residence. To determine the housekeeper role appropriately, you should first understand the meaning of housekeeping and nature of a housekeeper’s position. The main housekeeping tasks include vacuuming, cleaning of the floors and kitchen and bathroom, and ensuring that the house is clean and tidy.

Hiring a housekeeper can be the ideal solution to your problem if you have the means to make an additional payment to reduce your weekly pressure. You need to know what type of tasks a housekeeper performs before you start looking for it. He/she will be there, according to your needs, one to two times a week or more. We provide housekeeping services throughout India and that will give you the solutions to all your house cleaning problems.

The opportunities for independent life and high-quality healthcare today are quite plentiful when it comes to a senior residence. Various housekeeping service providers fulfill the expectations of a modern top apartment.


Cooking is loved mostly by everyone. Many people love perfecting their culinary masterpieces and continuously challenge themselves with new recipes. Look for a housekeeper who can help you to continue your passion for cooking. Search for separate retirement opportunities to continue to use your chef-knife if that sounds like you.

People want to have a fully equipped kitchen in their suite, depending on how much they like to cook. If a person only wants to do something more on special occasions, or multiple days a week, several individual residences have a communal kitchen for this purpose. Many senior apartments offer high-quality dinner options for those who have not taken a shine to the kitchen or who do not like cooking.


Several senior residences provide pick-up and delivery services for day-to-day washing. A laundry facility on every floor is generally offered in an old apartments and old-age homes.

House cleaning in senior residence

Here are some great tips for the care of the elderly:

  • Re-evaluate and make sure you can solve your storage solutions quickly and easily. Keep the containers in places which are easy to reach and get the racks where you need not stand on a foot or chair to achieve it
  • You’re not the first person to hate the bathroom cleaning – it’s hard to reach it and rough at the bottom. You can use a designated broom to clean showers and baseboards and do not cause the inevitable pain
  • To clean the surfaces, use wash towels, microfiber cloths as they are safer and are environmentally-friendly. You can use them often since they’re machine washable. Private senior living offers versatility in housekeeping and cooking. Such cleaning tips will help older people, who like their autonomy better cleaned and prevent back pain
  • Some people don’t like cleaning the bathtubs. A labelled spawn will help you clean to showers and baseboards. Various housekeeping services in chennai and housekeeping services in Bangalore who help in cleaning

General Housekeeping Services

  • You should know that the housekeeper has vacuumed and mopped all the rooms
  • Housekeeping services also include kitchen cleaning, which provides for washing equipment, counters, sinks, and doors of the closet
  • Housekeeping services also include washing dishes
  • Your housekeeper should be able to change bed-sheets and make beds
  • Housekeeper should be able to iron and fold clothes
  • Housekeeping services also include indoor doors washing

There is no single-size equation for how much a housekeeper costs. How much you pay depends heavily on the experience of the housekeeper, your place, your home size.

You can also pay a flat fee each week to your housekeeper, but this is dependent initially on how many hours they take to complete your work. Make sure you talk to the housekeeper about payment methods during the interview process.

Recruitment of a housekeeper does not have to be a big operation, as long as you understand the general tasks performed by a housekeeper. Be clear to ensure that anything that’s out of the ordinary or relevant for you during the job interviews is protected. Contact your housekeeper clearly and efficiently to ensure that you find the ideal housekeeper for your family — various housekeeping service providers who provide housekeeping services in Kolkata, Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi.