Housekeeping habits to quit and tips to take your cleaning game a notch higher.

In our fast-paced lives, we are all guilty of procrastinating our chores and other household needs. Either your work schedule keeps you busy, or you feel lazy looking at the mess around you. It’s perfectly understandable why you keep postponing your cleaning. Recently, several housekeeping services have become available to help us disengage from this vicious circle. These services ensure good maintenance of our houses, and we can focus on other essential tasks. After all, a clean and well-kept home practically radiates positivity.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, these professional housekeeping services arrive at your doorstep without changing your schedule. These housekeeping services are particularly popular in major cities due to prevailing modern and career-driven lifestyles. Stalwart provides one of the best options for these services. They are well-known for their exceptional services in homes as well as offices. Stalwart is a one-stop solution towards creating a healthy and hygienic environment.

Since we all struggle with doing our chores properly, we have created a list of 9 bad housekeeping habits you need to quit immediately so that your work gets done faster.

1. Leaving your bed unmade

We are all guilty of leaving our bed unkempt, especially in the morning. Even when you are running late for work, you must spare 5 minutes to quickly fold your blankets, straighten your sheets, and tidy your bed. This will reduce your housekeeping load when you return home from work in the evening. Believe it or not, a tidy bed helps you stay focused at work and not be lazy.

2. Letting your laundry pile up

Raise your hand if you are guilty of having a chair full of dirty clothes lying in a corner of your room. The process of folding your clothes and neatly arranging them inside your cupboard seems quite time-consuming. Contrary to popular belief, folding your clothes hardly takes 5 minutes if done regularly. If you find it a boring task, you can try watching your favorite TV show while doing this chore. Trust me; you will find a marked difference in your room once you take care of that untidy pile of clothes.

3. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink

We all enjoy cooking our favorite dishes. But no one likes the part that comes after – cleaning the dishes!. As you keep procrastinating, the plates continue piling up in your sink. The best solution to this problem is simplest; you must wash all those utensils immediately after cooking. The more you pile up, the more likely you are to keep avoiding it. Even if they are just 4 utensils, wash them immediately!

4. Tossing everything in a drawer or cupboard

Whenever we are in a hurry to tidy our rooms, we often collect everything lying around and dump it into one drawer. It can become quite burdensome to sort this mess after a busy workday. You can organize your drawers in small bits at regular intervals.

You might initially find it difficult but keep at it because you will only get faster. Additionally, decluttering this mess means an organized home and mental peace.

5. Ignoring stains and spots

Removing stains and spots is the most annoying part of cleaning. Most stains are quite stubborn, and you cannot get rid of them. We advise using good quality cleaning products that are widely available in all markets. In most cases, these stains can be easily removed if immediately cleaned. Leaving them for a later time makes it more difficult to remove them. This makes the usually simple cleaning process strenuous and time-consuming.

6. Repeatedly using the same rags and dusters

Frequently changing your rags and dusters is a widely recommended cleanliness tip. You know you need to change it when these clothes turn black with dirt and grime. Using the same rags for a long time is far from ideal because it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Moreover, it won’t clean the dust at home.

It is advisable to change your rags and dusters every 6 months. This will help you maintain good hygiene at home. Furthermore, maintaining your vacuum cleaners and mops will increase their cleaning efficiency.

7. Hoarding unwanted items

An advantage of cleaning your house frequently is the opportunity to do away with items that aren’t of much use at present. We all find ourselves hoarding things that we don’t use at all. We keep believing that we may use them someday; however, that day never comes.

It’s best to donate these things to someone who might find it useful. Sorting through these items and making it a point to use them goes a long way while keeping your housekeeping game strong.

8. Not keeping track of the fridge items

Whenever you bring home, you put it away in the fridge, intending to consume it later. But when your schedule catches up with you, you lose track of these things. You will come home to a dirty and stinky fridge that will increase your household cleaning manifold.

Keep track of all the things inside your fridge by writing it down on a sticky note and sticking it on the refrigerator. This will help minimize your cleaning efforts and reduce food waste.

9. Failing to be regular at cleaning

Regular cleaning ensures you never fall back on your schedule. It further streamlines the tiresome process and reduces the workload for you. However, most of us postpone this activity for weeks, thereby increasing the burden for ourselves.

Maintaining a proper schedule for house cleaning can go a long way. If you find it challenging to stick to the same, you can always reach out to professional housekeeping service providers like Stalwart, who will help you clean and maintain your home. They clean your restrooms, kitchens, and even your gardens, so you can remain stress-free regarding your house’s cleanliness!

We hope you find these pointers helpful while cleaning on your own. Always remember to take frequent, but small, loads while cleaning.