Security Services in Bangalore

With over two decades of experience, Stalwart is a security services in Bangalore, India that provides various services as per our customer requirements. We work hard to make this world a safer place to live in by meeting our customer expectations and anticipations through fair accession. We are a security service provider that delivers end-to-end security service solutions including security guards, armed guards, escort guards, event management, housekeeping, toll management and training & consulting.

Security Services in Chennai

We endeavour to deliver high-quality security services in Chennai to our customers through personalization. All our security guards are well-trained to ensure that our clients feel safe, and they feel at peace. Physical guarding incorporates deployment of professionally trained men and women security guards, who perform a range of security services tailored for a customer’s need. We provide armed security guards who hold government-licensed firearms and are meticulously trained to respond to unusual situations, for customers who require high-security coverage.

We also cater certain specialised requirements to our customers like the escort services. Apart from all these, we also deliver part-time security guards for public gatherings, professional housekeeping staffs for offices, manual and electronic toll systems for the operations of toll collection, and security training programs in various fields.