When we read the world is not a wish-granting factory in The Fault in Our Stars, it hit us hard because it is so true. It is juvenile to believe that if you are good to someone, they too shall return the favour. Your senses, such as the nose, eyes, and ears, are vital to helping you identify any suspicious person, activity, and vehicle. However, it often happens that you overlook key details. This blog aims to prepare you for any intruder lurking by the corner. With these pointers in mind, you are one step closer to ensuring overall safety and security. Security threats can give you sleepless nights. Thus, you must know how to train your private security guard.

How to spot suspicious people?

You never know what’s going on in someone’s mind. You do not move around with a crystal ball to read minds. Thus, you must be aware of certain elements that scream that this person is suspicious. Once you notice these, you can take the next necessary step.

When someone pays extra attention to what you are doing

If someone asks you too many questions regarding your activities and property, then something is fishy. The moment you see anyone eyeing you, you must be prepared to confront them. Paying casual attention to others is natural. However, excess interest may be suspicious. This is why so many venues prohibit photography and videography. Suspicious people are often the ones who first pull out their phones to capture images and videos to get detailed views of their targets.

Someone unknown is seen loitering around your property too often

People are bound to walk past your property. But, the moment you notice someone lurking around it too often for no valid reason, you know that there is a possible attack around the corner. Suspicious people are those who try to get past security systems without getting noticed. They may be spotted around your property at odd hours of the night or day when they expect to get closer details about their target.

Visitors resisting identity disclosure

If a visitor refrains from disclosing his identity at the entrance point, you must be prepared with proper security staff. You should make arrangements for a full identity check. In the case that someone has stolen or faked their identity with them, you should confront them and hand them to the authorities.

Someone who shows visible signs of discomfort or agitation for no reason

Last but not least, suspicious people are typically those who show invalid signs of agitation, nervousness, or scared behavior. They are constantly fidgeting to cover their nervousness. Moreover, they may also wear over-sized clothes to conceal weapons or other objects. In case you see someone limping or appearing disoriented and shifting their bodily discomfort, you know what to do next.

How to spot suspicious activities?

What may be normal to someone may be utterly chaotic to someone else. Following this principle, you must know how to eye suspicious activities. With this, you may be able to prevent major crimes and attacks.

Loud noises or unusual smells at odd hours

Loud noises such as glass shattering, gunshots firing, and broken doors are all indications of suspicious activities. If you smell chemical out of the blue, you must take the necessary action to evacuate the location. Sometimes, different fumes may also react with one another and result in an accident.

Unauthorized delivery of packages

Never touch anything that is abandoned. Always stir clear of unauthorized packages delivered at your doorstep. This includes items that are left without any supervision. You never know what the package might contain. If you spot weapons or drugs, you must call the police immediately. Check the CCTV footage to know who left the bag and walked away.

Any form of vandalism

Last but not least, any form of vandalism such as spray painting or removal of benches and plants or any other piece of property should be categorized as a suspicious activity. By law, these are not permissible if done without prior permission.

How to spot suspicious vehicles?

Lastly, you should be able to spot suspicious vehicles as well.

Vehicles parked in an awkward position

Vehicles parked awkwardly in the lot or out of line are suspicious. Abandoned cars and bikes can raise eyebrows.

Too fast or too slow

If a vehicle is going too fast or too slow, it needs to be monitored by the authorities. Sometimes, when they go around the same area is circles or wander, you must buck up.

If any object is thrown out of the vehicle

If you see someone being forced into a car or off it, please note the number of the car and report to the authorities. Objects or weapons being thrown from a moving vehicle may also be sufficient to turn heads.

You must always have the police number on your speed dial. It is imperative to be alert at all times. That will not only help you save you but also others around you. Security is a priority!

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