During the devastating period of this pandemic, COVID-19 property managers need cleaning partners proficient in all possible ways, from washing the car to removing the dent and painting the car. Everything matters A LOT. Cleanness and appropriate housekeeping services with a healthy, safe, and gratifying environment will help in letting people believe that they are living in a safe atmosphere. There are many factors to consider while choosing cleaning partners. There are several factors right fit for property managers. There’s quite a lot to consider right from the service offering to offer services within budget. A good fit will be the one that provides the same cleaning services that you need, done right, at an affordable rate. And having dedicated customer support from the cleaning partners is also essential.

Below are listed some of the salient things that property managers should contemplate while selecting cleaning partners during COVID-19

Work Professionalism

Professional service providers should be the central attribute while choosing the cleaning partner. Ask your cleaning partner priorly that they are equipped with appropriate resources so that they provide the highest level of service. The cleaning staff should be presentable and polite with others while rendering the services.


Your cleaning partner should be reliable, should be the one you can trust. They should be punctual with their services as comprehensive services are an essential part of any job. For Example: If one of the members of the team is unable to come on a particular day then they should send a replacement so that the cleaning service requirements are fulfilled. You should consider every small-little detail while choosing a cleaning partner during COVID-19.

Considering Every Detail

Property managers should choose a cleaning partner that pays attention to every detail while cleaning a car or providing leather protection to the car. The cleaning partner should be the one who meets all needs, requirements, and standards. A skillful cleaning partner is the one who takes care of every detail and uses every possibility to provide the best-of-best services to his clients.

24/7 Availability

Choose cleaning partners that are available for you round the clock. As one-time cleaning service cannot give a surety that your surrounding is clean, and hygiene. Also, some people will prefer their car to be washed early in the morning, whereas some prefer car washing late in the evening or at night. There can be some who want their car’s painting and denting in an hour, whereas there can be one who wants it after a few days. No one can ever predict that when someone needs a service. So, cleaning partners must be there for you whenever you need them.

Check Customer Reviews

In the modern days of digitalization, checking the customer reviews or feedback by previous customers of cleaning partners you are going to choose will help you to know a lot of them. Like: Are customers satisfied with their services? Do they offer fair prices? Do they meet customers’ standards? Always choose cleaning partners with established customer feedback or review.

Trained Staff

Cleaning partners should have trained staff, should be aware of all cleaning techniques and should take care of their health and the health of their surroundings. The cleaning partners should check their staff background. Adequate precautions should be taken by staff while rendering the service.

Keep a check on the business license

One of the most important things to check about the cleaning partner is their business license. Business licenses ensure that the property managers are not trapped in any fraud. Also, the business license will let the property managers know that the cleaning partners take care of their staff if they are injured, meet with an accident, or get infected by a disease while rendering the cleaning services.

Know about the types of equipment they use

Is the equipment environment friendly? Are equipment sanitized? High-quality equipment used by the cleaning partners should be the priority of property managers. Property managers should always have a significant discussion before with the cleaning partners before hiring them. During the time COVID-19 property managers should not take any chances regarding the health of workers or people around them.

Understand the Cleaning Process

The property managers should check the cleaning process or pattern of cleaning partners before employing them. Have access to the cleaning partner task check-list to know how, when, and at what time they perform a particular cleaning task. Also, check that, do cleaning partners provide their staff with facemask and sanitizers? Do they keep a check on their staff’s health? Have they educated their staff about COVID-19? The property managers should keep a check on these cleaning points as well. As one commission can affect anyone’s life.

Make a list of services

Many cleaning providers are specialized in some particular services like, car washing or providing paint protection film. So, it becomes considerably important to make the list of services that property managers need. Having a precise service list will help in avoiding end time confusion and chaos.


These were the things that property managers should incorporate while choosing a housekeeping service provider or agency. As no one can take any menace during the epoch of COVID-19. Property managers should also consider a few more things while choosing cleaning partners like, whether they take care of staff safety, health, do regular equipment sanitation, they have a proper working schedule, and cleaning standard. The property manager should consider choosing cleaning partners who are good communicators and are there to solve the service related queries and questions. And should adapt to a changing environment as there can be a time when people may or may not like their services, or maybe ask them to change their cleaning patterns. These are some minor but the prominent points to consider while choosing cleaning partners.