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Security Services

Are you looking for a top security company nearby? You have come to the right place. Stalwart Security Services is India’s leading security services company that provides the finest security services all over India. We have been in the security industry for more than 30 years, and we are known for delivering well-trained security guards and other security services to our clients in different parts of the country. We take care of the client’s safety, along with the workplace and the employees in the workplace. We have more than 9000 employees, and we are working tirelessly to secure different places in various cities of India. We are serving hundreds of clients from different sectors, including Education Institutions, BPO & IT companies, Embassies, Banks, etc. We have esteemed clients in the banking industry, and our security guards are deployed at various bank branches all over the country. With so many years of excellence in the security industry, we are now considered as one of the best yet top security companies.

Stalwart Security Services Company

While searching for a security agency near me, the first name you may see in the search results will be Stalwart Security Services. We have been one of the top security guard companies for several years because of the excellent service and security guards. Our recruitment process follows well-structured background research and police verification. After that, we give extensive training to our security guards to do their duties efficiently. We understand our client’s needs, and our primary focus is to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. Our security guards deployed at various places help in taking comprehensive care of the clients. Our clients need not to worry as our staff is trained to deal with difficult situations and antisocial activities encountered. You can go to a search engine and search for security guard services near me. You will find us at the top-list that provides the best security guards to the clients.

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This service includes the deployment of security guards to a fixed place to minimize the chances of vandalism. We are experts in providing static guarding service, and we have an experience of 30+ years. So, if you want this service, then contact us directly. We will deploy our best security guards at your place.

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Our well-trained security guards help maintain the clients’ security and valuable assets during transit by following strict security protocols. You don’t have to worry about yourself or the assets you want to transit as our security personnel will be there at your service all the time. You don’t require writing security companies near me on the search engine. Instead, contact us directly and give us a chance to serve you.

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Problems can happen anywhere anytime. If you are stuck in any problem, you should contact our quick response team instead. Our quick response team will respond to your request in the least time. We will quickly reach the spot and solve the issue in the shortest time.

Security services
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Whatever problem you face, you can get in touch with the Quick Response Team of the Stalwart Group as it will reach the security spot for solving the problem in the shortest SLA response time.

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Our Integrated Surveillance & Resilience Centre comprises trained operators and technical infrastructure involved in 24/7 remote monitoring through various security equipment like CCTV cameras, recorders, etc. at the client’s business place. The various security equipment can be integrated to provide suitable inputs to the ISRC of Stalwart. The experts present at the center would then pick up these inputs and recognize a different appropriate response to the security condition. We are experts in this field, and all your security requirements will be fulfilled here. So, instead of writing security service near me on the search engine, choose the Stalwart security services and get over with the security worries instantly.

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Our customers will get complete support from our side in organizing a physical security risk management program through concentrated risk evaluation, full reporting including the gaps and recommended mitigation actions, and pouring execution through audits and reviews. Apart from this, we also offer an independent physical security audit to measure the client’s business’s security risk status anytime.

If you need any of these services, then instead of searching security guard services near me, reach us directly. We are well aware of the clients’ requirements and which type of security they require for themselves or their business or workplace. We have been in the safety industry for many years to serve our clients. So, don’t write security guard agency near me on the internet. Directly contact us to get the best security service from us.


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Technical Survey & Proposal

Conduct survey to ideny risks

Recommend systems and deployment plan

Submit Proposal

Customer Engagement

Define Deliverable

Frame SOP

Finalize Contract


Customised Hiring

Background Verifications


OJT & Takeover


Post wise duties

Fire safety and First Aid

Code of conduct


Day to Day Operations

Proactive problem Resolution

Transparent Reporting

Well defined systems & feedback mechanism

Employee Welfare

Why Stalwart Security Services?

Let us tell you why everyone should consider Stalwart Security Services. We want to give you some advantages of choosing our security guard agency over other security guard companies.


  • We provide customized security services according to the client’s requirements. We try to provide services which fit the client’s need and are modifiable according to need.
  • We value the client’s money and always try to satisfy our clients.


  • Our recruitment process comprises police verification, background verification before taking the employees onboard. It helps the clients to keep faith in us and our services. This is why whenever someone searches for a security service near me, they find our security services company at the top of the list.
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• Domain / Organization specific
• Ability to create Verticals
• Exclusive SPOC Teams
• Dedicated Compliance Cell
• Value for Money


• Police Verification
• Background Checks
• Employer References

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  • We always take monthly feedback and quarterly reviews of the services we are providing. It helps us to enhance our services and provide the utmost satisfaction to our clients.


  • We provide on the job training to our employees so that they can perform their duties more efficiently. We help them learn about security fundamentals and life skills. We have a family of more than 9000 employees, and the number keeps on increasing every year. You can write security agency near me online; you will find us amongst top security companies.
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• Structured Online Monthly Feedback
• Periodic Out-calling
• Quarterly Reviews


• Security Fundamentals
• Domain & Job Specific
• Life Skills

These points will help you understand why you should prefer Stalwart security services over other security guard companies. If you want, you can search for security guard services near me to compare the services offered by other security companies. But the price and service you will get here is matchless. You may have searched for the top security companies online before reaching here, and you might have gone through the services of various other security guard companies. After reading our services and amenities, you will surely love to contact us for the best security agency.

Stalwart Security Services is the leading security guard services pan India. We make sure that our clients get standard and competitively priced guarding services. We always focus on ethical work, which is why our services are transparent, and it helps to gain recognition among competitors. Here, we make sure our client gets a quality assured security service of a higher caliber. Do not worry about criminals and their dangerous activities. We have the dedicated yet trained personals that will keep the security intact. We try our best to accomplish excellence and lead the security industry in terms of client satisfaction and the quality of provided services. We are continuously enhancing our services and supplying superior security guards and top-quality security services to our clients year by year. Call us on the given number or mail us to get the security service at your place.


First of its kind where Client’s assets and goods are insured against loss.

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