The lockdown has been tough on all of us. It would not be a drag to say that the toughest part of it has been spending time and the absence of housekeeping services due to which home can get covered in a layer of dust. Both the problems will be eradicated if you clean your home and make it shine. To do so, you must know some tips and tricks that will aid you in cleaning more efficiently.

Following are the top 15 tips and tricks to make your home shine during the lockdown

Steam Clean Microwave

Cleaning the grease that makes itself a home in the microwave is a pain to the elbows. The trick of cleaning the microwave without making your elbows hurt and without spending hours is to steam a bowl of water for 5 minutes in it. You can also squeeze a lemon in the water to get rid of the smell. Take a clean cloth and gently wipe the grease; it will come off in a jiffy.

Socks for the Windows

It is a difficult work to clean the windows or the binds properly with a cloth. To avoid this difficulty, you need to put on spare or old socks in your hand. This way, you will be able to clean the parts of the windows that the cloth does not reach.

Bleach for Floor Stains

Some stains refuse to come off the floor no matter how much effort you put to clean them. Put vinegar on those stains and rub them for a few minutes. It is highly likely that the stain will go making your floors shine.

Baking Soda for Fridge

To make your fridge shine, take a damp cloth, and put some baking powder on it. It is a trick that works wonders for cleaning the fridge’s outer surface.

Warm Water for Blender

It is very tiresome to clean the jars of the blender for hours. However, your blender can clean itself! Put some water with baking soda and washing soap in it. Run the blender for a few minutes. To clean the soap, run the blender again but only with warm water.

Vinegar & Rubbing Alcohol for Glasses

To make the window glasses and other glasses at home shine feels like an impossible task. Mix 1/4th quantity of vinegar and rubbing alcohol in water, and then clean the glasses with this mix using a microfiber cloth. The glasses will be squeaky clean.

Tennis Racket for Cushions

The cushions and pillows almost feed themselves on dust. The dust does not come out properly by just patting them with your hands or vacuuming. Use a tennis racket to spank the cushions and the pillows. You will be able to see the dust that will come out from them.

Magnetic Cloth for Books

It can appear that books do not have any dust on them. However, books and bookshelves also get a layer of dust on them. It is simple and easy to clean the cover and spine of the books using magnetic clothes. Use microfiber cloths for the shelf. You will notice the difference when you complete cleaning.

Wax Paper for Sinks

Even if cleaning the sink isn’t tiresome, cleaning it repeatedly with the same amount of effort is sure. This time when you clean the sinks at your home, polish them with wax paper. You will never see water stains again on your sinks if you do this once every 15 days.

Lint Roller for Carpets

A vacuum cleaner may not always help in picking hair or other things that get stuck in carpets and rugs. For such items, a lint roller is an apt tool. Work over the carpet with the lint roller firmly to clean your carpets and rugs and make your home shine.

Salt for Wooden Surfaces

You cannot get rid of the stains on wooden surfaces with cleaning liquid. Put some salt on a damp cleaning cloth and rub it gently. Salt has a rough texture that works on the stains and removes them on a gentle rub.

Toothpaste for Iron

The rust-like stains on the iron sometimes even end up on the clothes. These stains can feel like a real pain. Take a general toothbrush that you do not use anymore. Put toothpaste on the brush and rub it on the stain of the iron in a circular motion several times. It can take more than a few rubs depending on the stains; however, the stains will surely go.

Mayonnaise for Plants

The plants kept inside our homes become dirty with dust. Cleaning the pot is not difficult since it requires some washing soap and a damp cloth. Cleaning the leaves of the plants is the tricky part. Start with cleaning the leaves with water; you may also use mild soap. Now, put a drop of mayonnaise on the top of the leaf and rub it. It makes the leaves shine instead of looking dull due to the dust.

Coffee Filters for Mirrors

When you use a general cloth for cleaning the mirror, you may remove the dust, but the mirror does not become streak-free. Coffee filters, on the other hand, do not have any lint in them, making them apt for cleaning the mirrors and making them shiny. You can use coffee filters for cleaning the television and laptop screens as well.

Painting Roller for Fans

Cleaning the fan comes as a challenge, especially for the people with average height or short height. You no longer need to stand on a dangerous ladder to clean the fan. Take a painting roller and secure a cleaning cloth around the roller. Make sure it will not come off. Now put the roller over the fan and clean it with ease.


When the lockdown is over, and you pick a housekeeping service provider or agency, make sure they are efficient at cleaning as you are after learning these simple tips and tricks to make your home shine in the lockdown.