One of the most common places where we hear of housekeeping is a hotel. Thus, we’ve grown accustomed to that. But, what if I tell you that home and workplace housekeeping are just as important? Yes, while most people assume that hiring a cleaner is all it needs, there’s much more that goes into looking about the workplace property and employees. Continue reading ahead to learn about the top 10 tips for effective workplace housekeeping services.

Clean the spills immediately

Imagine sitting at your desk with a mug of hot coffee. Evidently, you stayed up the previous night to meet a close deadline, and only coffee can save you now. But as you push back your chair and pick up a file, it hits the coffee mug, and it spills over. The most important thing to do is clean it as soon as possible; otherwise, it will leave behind a horrible stench and stain. Similarly, a housekeeping team can help you prevent falls, keep the place organized and tidy, and report your employer in case of any repairs needed.

Let’s douse that fire first!

Fires in your workplace can cause severe damage to property, lives, and business. A broad area to start the fire is the storage space where you keep old files and papers. Lack of proper fire safety measures can lead to an outbreak at any time. A housekeeping team is always alert, does regular safety standard checks, does a risk assessment, and also plays the knight in shining armor, in case of any mishaps.

Is your office dusty?

Dust is a common problem everywhere, with the ever-increasing pollution levels around us. As a result, several people have started developing issues such as asthma and dust allergy. A good housekeeping team can keep your place free of dust. They will vacuum the site regularly and keep it sparkly.

Does your workplace have a uniform?

More relevant to the industrial domain, several workplaces have proper uniforms for the employees. When they report to work, they are given the uniform and expected to change into it. This may include gloves, covered shoes, a full suit, or other protective gear. The housekeeping team ensures to wash them thoroughly daily and maintain workplace hygiene. Another trapping material, the carpets, and the mats, also need to be sanitized and dusted.

The general order of the place

Employees often overlook small details such as placing the heavy boxes on the lower shelves and the lighter boxes on the higher shelves. Other than this, there may also be broken nails, tables, or handles that need to be fixed. The housekeeping staff is responsible for maintaining the overall decorum of the workplace.

Get rid of clutter!

Cluttering is a prevalent issue in most workplaces. While clutter can attract dust and other insects, it can also be the root cause behind accidents and falls. Thus, the housekeeping staff clears the stairways, emergency exits, and workshop floor.

Are you storing the materials properly?

Storage is vital in the workplace. Let’s first consider the different floors and levels of work. There is the main workshop floor, the pantry, the storeroom, the printing room, and a gym (in specific workplaces). Every place needs furniture to store the items. Moreover, there must be optimum use of space and the available resources. The housekeeping staff ensures to store everything properly and clean when needed. In case of any hazardous substance, the housekeeping team takes proper care that everything is handled with care.

Protection from infestations

The housekeeping team is responsible for ensuring that there are no insect or termite infestations. Rodents such as mice and reptiles such as lizards quickly start living in the workplace if proper hygiene is not maintained. Here, the housekeeping staff also needs to look into pest control activities. You see, the workplace employees’ health directly depends on these pointers. Neglecting these can land the company in big trouble.

Written rules form the base

What comes naturally to us as part of “hygiene and safety” may not be the same for everyone. The workplace supports people from different cultures and backgrounds to come together. However, one standard rule has to be maintained for everyone. Thus, the housekeeping staff lays down a set of written rules that are followed throughout the organization. It also includes the names of the cleaners, their duties, and the tools that will be employed. It gives you a blueprint of how the staff has decided to maintain workplace cleanliness and excellence. It also helps you set a great first impression on visiting clients.

Training the employees for emergencies

Last but not least, the housekeeping staff must also train the employees to react to emergencies. For example, there can be regular fire drills on how the employees should remain calm and evacuate using the emergency exit staircase. Then, there can also be regular testing of the pipelines and communication lines. It is imperative to have access to emergency helpline numbers that the housekeeping staff should put up at every desk.

Thus, the housekeeping team plays a significant role in ensuring the adequate and smooth flow of work in the workplace. While it may seem an expenditure to you, it is actually a long-term investment that is going to provide you countless benefits. If you are thinking about how to hire the right housekeeping service provider, then your search has ended right here.

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