How often have you come across that stubborn stain on your couch, kitchen slab or bathroom floor, and googled “How to remove tough stains”? Even if the link you opened claimed to be the best hack in the world, it still couldn’t overpower that ugly stain. Moments like these make you miss all those housekeeping hacks from your grandma. While we certainly cannot replace your grandma’s tricks, we can suggest that expert housekeeping services will help you with your housekeeping jobs. Here are 10 ways in which hiring a housekeeping service in India for your home or business space will help you:

Maintaining floors

Cleaning floors even at our own houses is no joke, and if you own a business space, you aren’t unfamiliar with the struggles of finding the cleaning staff to maintain the shine of that designer flooring that you invested in. Handling your business and looking for cleaning staff will be tedious. Your beautifully designed floor can be subjected to scuffs and heel marks that do put a bad impression. But you don’t have to worry about those because our professionals leave no stone unturned to make your floors look flourishing. While you handle your business, leave the job of maintaining your floors to professional housekeeping services.

Cleaning bathrooms

When it’s about having a clean house, bathrooms are at the top of the priority list. Shiny homes with not-so-shiny washrooms can put off your guests. And needless to say, cleaning the toilets is not a piece of cake. While you can always go for the traditional cleaning methods for your house, you know that the same can’t be applied to the bathrooms of your business space. Finding a cleaning staff for the job can get hectic. Hiring staff from housekeeping services is something your grandma will also consider a good idea.

Pantry organizing

If you are someone who fills their pantry at once, you may have found some foodstuff that you bought months ago, rotting away at the back of your closet. If you are also clumsy with a pantry organization or own a business space where you have a pantry in the office, you can hire professionals to do the job. Some professional housekeeping services in India also offer you the pantry organizing help. They provide you with the required staff, and they will sort everything into groups and organize the products as per your needs.


Who doesn’t love a beautiful garden, but as adults working in 9-5 corporate jobs, there is hardly any time to grow your garden. You can hire professional help to maintain your porch and lawn, or a small garden in your balcony. You can even use professional housekeeping services for maintaining a garden and a few potted plants here and there to improve the aesthetics. After all, a little greenery doesn’t hurt anyone, and we all can agree how pleasantly nice it is to have a morning walk in a beautiful and fresh garden.

Maintaining property

Even though there is no place like home, we know that being in a corporate job means going on long tours to work on projects. That also means that you come back to an apartment in dire need of thorough cleaning before you can even think of going back to your old lifestyle. Your trips can be made easy with the help of housekeeping services providers like the Stalwart Group, who also undertake the task of maintaining your property while you are away. With a trained professional staff and a trustworthy record, you can leave your property under their care and come back to a well-maintained space.

Deep cleaning

It is indeed true that your grandma had all the perfect hacks for cleaning and maintaining every corner of the house, but even with all the hacks, you need the time to be able to clean your house. Remember those times as a kid just before a festival when the whole family came together to clean every corner of the house? Well, as an adult, you do not have to wait for a festival to have a thoroughly cleaned house. Opt for professional service providers like the Stalwart Group, which provide housekeeping services in India and get a deep cleaning of your home done at any time of the year.

Hygiene and sanitation

Amidst the coronavirus breakdown, hygiene and sanitation require the top priority. And grandma hacks surely won’t be enough for that. If you want to keep the work going along with the safety of everyone around the place, there is none better than professionals of the Stalwart Group. We leave no corner unreached and no virus alive for you to worry about. Hygiene and sanitation have been, and will always be our top priority. We can assure that teams of only the negative tested professionals are handed over the duty of the same.

Cleaning and maintenance of public areas

Public areas are touched by all, and who knows what germs they get in contact with. We pay great attention to such areas so that no one hesitates to use these places freely. And during this pandemic, Stalwart’s housekeeping services are highly conscious of the safety and ease of working without worrying about the disease.

Managing laundry and linen

Laundry and linen require extra care. We know how your grandma took the extra care of the laundry with her soft hands. But we also know with all the rush how difficult it is to wash each material carefully with hands. And that’s why the professionals of housekeeping services welcome you for the service. We use fabric specific products and provide you with clean and quality retained laundry.

Maintaining furniture, fixtures, and fittings

A well put up furniture adds beauty to the room and gives you a reason to flaunt. The same is beautiful to look at but even more impressive when it is at it’s best condition. And even old furniture can look like a piece of art if it is appropriately maintained. Whereas even the most exquisite piece of furniture can put you off in it’s broken state. And for that, we provide you with just the right service that can knock these problems down. Each fixture of each furniture is handled with the utmost care, and the results are astounding since no evidence of damage is left behind.