Security at your event and house are one of the most important things you cannot overlook. Since world corruption on the rise, it comes as no surprise if you are getting sleepless nights thinking of the rising crime rates around you. This is a detailed account of how many security officers you need for your next event, how to choose the best security company and much more. With this information at your fingertips, you can be assured that you have taken the first step towards a secure present and future.

Things to consider when you pick a security company

Qualified and licensed safety officers

The security company you choose should be licensed. You must always ask them for a valid proof of their registration. Without this, there is a strong chance that the company is a fraud and a group of imposters. You must be careful when you choose a security company. The staff should be qualified in their sector. There are several degrees that security officers may possess. You must always ask for their training certificates to be sure of their credibility and abilities. A basic qualification, such as a First Aid certificate must also be considered.

Experience in the industry

The security industry is such that theoretical training is pointless. You must pick a company which has a list of satisfied clients. It helps you to know that the staff is well-equipped to handle ground realities. Attacks can take place anytime without any prior notice. Thus, your team must be prepared for every situation of crisis. You may contact previous clients to know about the company’s efficiency. Getting first-hand information is important for effective security.

Are they versatile?

Security versatility is imperative because you never know which situation may arise or what event may be organized at a venue, your home, or your office. You must have a team that is suited for every possible venue. A well-rounded approach is key to successful security arrangements anywhere at any time. Never hesitate to ask if the company will provide only guards or CCTV cameras and alarm services as well. Explore the range of services before you finalize one company for security guards.

Affordable options

Always pick an affordable company. Since you already have so many bills to pay, a pocket-friendly company will aid a long-term contract. If a company is good with their work, it is obvious that you will have to pay a certain fee. But the best part is that this will not hurt you. Never be penny wise and pound foolish. Always weigh the quality of service that you are getting. You may hire security officers for a fixed time and then pay for that period. You are the ultimate boss!

Security guards for small and medium-sized events

Just because you are planning a small-scale event, it does not imply that you will need a lesser number of security guards. When an event is held outdoors, a wide area automatically means that you will find several security officers on duty. Some of the most common spots for security placement are the entry spots, the exit spots, the parking lot, and the general ground location. Managing an overcrowded event can be extremely difficult. Thus, you must always ensure that the number of security officers you hire and the area of the venue are co-related. A pre-determined guest list with the entrance security team can help you avoid party-crashers and other mischief-makers.

Security officers for large-scale events

You will certainly need a big team to manage a large-scale event. Please note that a lack of security staff at an event may land you in legal trouble in case someone gets injured. If you are planning a high-profile event where the guest-list includes a range of VIP guests, then you must opt for armed personnel. Unarmed security officers are best suited for events that are private and small-scale. Discussing events with alcohol, you must have at least 7 to 8 security guards to manage the crowd. They should be equipped to handle them and get them home safely.

Ratio of staff

Last but not least, you must understand the ratio of staff. It is not enough to have security officers on the ground. They must be supervised by efficient seniors. Thus, the ratio of staff must correspond. It is pointless to have 40 supervisors for 20 security staff members or vice-versa. The optimum number is to have two supervisors for ten security guards. However, there must always be arrangements for back-up staff and supervisors when needed.

This is your pocket guide to the number of security officers you need. Your discretion is your best friend. In the case of further questions, feel free to contact the company’s team (9742096655 or 8884815633) for best recommendations right from the experts.