Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We all learned this motto right from the time when we were in schools, and our parents pestered us to clean the house. Now, the residential cleaning business has become a big thing where professionals are summoned to come home and clean the different rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Right from dusting to scrubbing, professionals do it all for you. Read ahead to understand how the present COVID-19 pandemic has changed the housekeeping services and what one can expect in the future.

What was the status before Coronavirus struck?

So, let’s understand how it all started? Residential cleaning services were earlier viewed as luxury services because people felt that they could do the cleaning themselves. The professionals were called in only for special occasions or annual cleaning. This trend persisted for quite some time before there was a change in the mindset. Gradually, the demographics witnessed a shift, and residential cleaning services transformed into a necessity. Two factors played a significant role- economic condition and the population’s needs.

Households have enhanced their financial position over the years with new job opportunities opening up. With families changing from a single-source income to a double source one, it becomes evident that they can afford cleaning services. Secondly, you must understand the needs of the population. With everyone focusing on working more to tackle the increasing expenses of the family, they have very little time to do the cleaning on their own. Since trusting domestic help can be challenging for many, a professional cleaner is the best way out. All you need to do is book your slot, based on your availability and leave the rest to the professionals.

How has Coronavirus impacted the residential cleaning business?

Just like all the other industries, Coronavirus has played a big role in impacting the residential cleaning sector. Right when the Coronavirus new brokes out at the beginning, there was a hike in business since the masses wanted to disinfect their homes thoroughly. So, the revenue graph shot upwards with bulk appointments daily. Here, the staff had to consider their equipment and ensure that they carried useful tools and cleaners. Though the work pressure increased, it was the need of the hour to reassure the clients that their home is the safest place for them.

As the COVID-19 pandemic news escalated and the national authorities announced a lockdown in interstate and intrastate travel, the residential cleaning business came to a sudden halt with the appointments going down. But that does not mean that work has come to a standstill. The market is continuing to function, though the pace of work has slowed down. Now, the commercial sector- mostly the hotels- needs more staff because the guests already staying there need to be secured.

Coming to the in-house operations, no one is going to the office presently. Since there is a total lockdown across most states, all the meetings and messages are held and circulated online. The boon of technology has indeed helped business houses to work punctually during this challenging phase when stepping outside the house has become difficult. On the other hand, the Coronavirus phase has opened another avenue of earning- blogging about home cleaning. Online websites have witnessed a sharp rise in people looking for ways to clean their homes and properties properly to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Looking ahead of COVID-19

Now that we have discussed the impact of COVID-19 let’s discuss the positive developments on how to tackle what lies ahead. It’s imperative to remember that life will eventually return to “normal,” or at least resemble what it used to be before the Coronavirus changed everything. Once people start working again and resume going to offices, things will be back to square one when they would need residential cleaners. Thus, this low period is going to change to a booming one shortly.

However, the cleaning staff will have to be more cautious for some time. So, every team member needs to wear proper masks and gloves when they set foot into another premise or come in contact with people. Moreover, the authorities have realized the importance of such a service sector. So, residential cleaning may now be considered an “essential” service. It is particularly needed for those who live alone or have physical limitations when it comes to doing the chores.

How long will recovery take?

Last but not least, another relevant section of this blog refers to how long the recovery will take. There is no definite answer regarding this because the pandemic has affected businesses across the globe and employee salaries. Though the aim is not to make any pay cuts presently, it all depends on how the market conditions roll out. The industry is shut right now, but it is likely to get busy soon.

Benefits of opting for professional home cleaners

  • Experienced staff members
  • Proper tools and equipment including the soap, disinfectant, and likewise
  • Timely completion of work
  • Pocket-friendly rates when you pay only for the work done

The global economy has not only suffered stagnation but indeed gone back four to five years. The key idea is to work together and sail through the tough times! You can easily find a housekeeping service provider and book your appointment online.