With the COVID-19 pandemic causing panic all around the world, communities and businesses are forced to follow self-quarantine rules keeping their safety over business operations. Every industry is facing challenges on its way. Fortunately, with drastic and unavoidable action needed for the security of people and their wellbeing, security guard services are proving themselves to be valuable in this situation. Security firms are in a unique position, as even though the COVID-19 virus is not yet treatable, security guards are showing bravery and performing essential tasks in most vulnerable spots like hospitals.

Security personnel guarding emergency departments in hospitals are most vulnerable as they come in close contact with patients coming in. That is why agencies providing security guards have been extra cautious and have made it a strict rule to wear N95 masks and gloves for their safety and others.

Here are seven ways in which hospital security guards are ensuring the safety of patients and families relentlessly.

1. Assisting hospitals to make safety plans

There is no doubt that a hospital’s security team plays an integral part in executing organizational safety plans. In this uncertain situation caused by the COVID pandemic, hospitals are relying upon security officials to ensure the protection of both their in-house staff and patients. Fortunately, security agencies like Stalwart are providing guards who are working as an extension of hospital staff and are playing an active part in assisting the hospitals to prevent the spread of germs along with monitoring entrances and exits to prevent any unapproved or unlawful entry.

Besides, controlling the movement of patients/peoples, vehicles, and parking, security guards today, are also efficiently communicating with the hospital about safety procedures and are assisting the hospitals in spreading COVID-19 prevention awareness tips. With security guards patrolling the hospital premises and verifying the hand sanitizer stations, they are ensuring that the hospital staff is aware of any potential cleanliness issues.

2. Prevention and management

Today health sectors are admiring the advantages of collaborating with a security division as part of their pandemic prevention strategy. Other than well-trained security guards patrolling the hospital premises to check for oddities and to inspect the protection devices in hospitals and fire control equipment, security services are making sure that in this pandemic situation, when patient and visitor volume is increasing, the hospital operations remain smooth. With optimum safety tactics and planning with the hospitals, security guards are helping in crowd control, directing visitors to appropriate areas and hand sanitizer stations, restricting access to certain entrances, and monitoring the facility.

3. Emergency management and supervision

With COVID-19 patients quarantined in hospitals away from their families, panic among patients and their families is evident. Besides, with more and more people visiting hospitals to get themselves checked for the virus, security guards are making sure that there is no unnecessary rush and are helping in avoiding public threats by managing situations with collaboration, communication, and caution. Stalwart is providing security guards to the hospitals who are chosen after detailed and rigorous background checks along with police verification. With the efficiently trained security guards who excel in their duties, hospitals are certainly remaining stress-free in this pandemic.

4. Front-line heroes offering outstanding support

With the virus spreading fast, the most crucial thing even for the security guards is to remain safe themselves. Thankfully, with proper training to those assigned to high-risk areas like healthcare facilities, these guards are not only safeguarding themselves but are also educating others about the procedures and protective measures that must be executed in response to COVID-19. In hospitals and various stores, today, security guards are checking temperatures to avoid potential COVID patients from entering buildings. Besides, it is commendable how they are ensuring safety by maintaining social distancing.

5. Guidance and maintenance of order

Some hospitals today have high volumes of patients, and the fear of Coronavirus is potentially creating a chaotic environment. Security guards in hospitals are minimizing the risk of the visitors and patients going to restricted zones by guiding visitors to the right areas. Besides, just more than being a guard at the front door, highly trained security guards today are helping people in filling paperwork, giving them information about the new rules and regulation regarding COVID-D pandemic, and at the same time are ensuring that disagreements, disputes, and conflicts stemming from these stressful situations are dealt with quickly.

6. Dealing with sensitive patients and families

Security guards with proper training know how to deal with angry patients and unmanageable people, and save any situation from getting out of hands. They have training on how to deescalate the crisis by talking to people calmly, validating the situation practically, and giving the person options about what to do next in a friendly, sympathetic way. In this pandemic, people are hyper and an emotional outbreak can happen, in case of these situations, if all strategies fail, security personnel evacuate the angry person from the building, thus ensuring everyone else’s security. Besides, with a high level of knowledge and training, security guards from Stalwart know how to act logically and quickly in any situation that may arise.

7. Smart guarding in emergency

With the threat of the coronavirus becoming a problem to hospital staff, another thing that cannot be ignored is the safety of hospital property. Maintenance of healthcare properties is also crucial for patients’ safety. Hospital security guards make sure that they respond to a medical emergency, incidents of fire, flooding, water discharge, and elevator emergency fast. Therefore, a security guard in a hospital is becoming more of a security partner who makes sure that from controlling theft and criminal activity to addressing physical violence are dealt with and are helping hospital staff to tackle the coronavirus situation effortlessly.


Lastly, nearly all hospitals are equipped with surveillance systems today to maintain safety and security. However, in this time of the global pandemic, surveillance systems aren’t enough, and with the help of a security guard agency, not only hospitals but other sectors are also hiring expert security guards to ensure maximum security.