The UK’s National Health Service forms a vital part of the nation- it is the backbone that the citizens rely on. With many awards and excellent facilities associated with its name. The NHS is one of the best places for you to apply as an overseas nurse. However, going to another country for work can be a challenging decision. Continue reading ahead to learn about the top 15 reasons why NHS is an outstanding choice for overseas nurses.

1) High remuneration

Working and living abroad can be quite tricky if you do not have financial security. After all, what is the point of all the hard work if you do not make a good enough amount for yourself. The key is not just to survive but enjoy your life daily. For those who do not know, you will get the Band 5 staff nurse salary. In terms of figures, you are most likely to make around £20,000 to £30,000, depending on your location in the UK. Different counties and cities offer different wages.

2) Ample time for self-care 

Unlike most other countries in the world, the UK has a fixed work-hour for its staff members. Thus, the standard work hours are around 38 hours a week. It helps you to engage in leisure activities and de-stress regularly. Moreover, in the case of overtime hours, you get a standard additional wage per hour. While working on bank holidays and Sundays can help you earn up to 60% more, night shifts and Saturdays can make around 30% more.

3) Security and stability 

Now, one of the most common doubts that people have when deciding to work as an overseas nurse at NHS is the term of the contract. So, there’s good news for you. The initial contract is of 3 years, which may later get extended for longer. You can renew the contract when the need arises, and it serves as a long-term association. If you have the necessary qualifications, then there is no reason for you to delay moving to the UK.

4) On-site training 

Training as a nurse is essential in any hospital or healthcare service you work in. Thankfully, the NHS gives utmost importance to the proper training of its staff. You will experience paid training- a two-part competency test. Are you curious as to what the details are? Let’s take you through it. The first part is the computer-based test. Essentially, it checks your theoretical knowledge before you go to the UK. The second part focuses on your practical skills.

5) Paid holidays 

Working in the UK is an experience people cherish because of the well-managed and stress-free work culture. While most job seekers assume that nursing is a full-time role, the UK helps you maintain personal life balance and the position. Thus, overseas nurses at NHS get 27 paid holidays every year and 8 paid bank holidays. As your years of service increase, so do these paid relaxations.

6) NHS’s on-site accommodation

The NHS ensures that none of its overseas nurses face any problems when it comes to finding accommodation. Property rates in the UK can be quite high for a novice. Thus, The NHS provides you on-site housing for the first eight weeks. You can take your time to explore the city, meet brokers, and get yourself a desirable house. It is recommended that you look for a shared apartment where you can split the cost with your housemates.

7Full refund on visa 

Another major concern job seekers have is the payment of visa rates. Usually, job-visas can be quite expensive. However, the NHS has made all the necessary arrangements to help you with that too. As soon as you arrive in the UK, your visa cost will be refunded.

8) Full refund on IELTS 

If you are looking for jobs in the UK, you must be aware of IELTS by now. It is an English-testing examination that studies your English language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This exam is mandatory for those who did not have English as a medium of instruction in high school. In some other cases, it is a necessary certificate you need to have. The OET English language test is similar. If you find it expensive, no worries! You will get a refund when you receive your first month’s salary.

9) Sponsored flight journey 

Another expense that you do not need to worry about is the flight ticket you need to go to the UK. These are small avenues that can cause significant stress and hindrance in your path to success. NHS ensures to provide you with a well-paved way to follow your passion.

10) Excellent induction program 

NHS provides you a complete induction program that helps you to accept and settle into the new lifestyle. It brings you a holistic approach as to the things you will need in the UK. The induction program can be considered an orientation session.

11) Trustworthy pension 

Oldage can be terrifying if you are not prepared. No one wants a life where they have worked all the years of youth only to remain with nothing when they need it the most. The NHS has a substantial pension plan for its overseas nurses and other staff members.

12) A close-knit bond 

NHS is a family where its members can come from any part of the world. What binds every together is their love to serve the patients and make the UK a healthier place. Right from the first day, you will be welcomed warmly.

13) Sponsored first-day essentials 

NHS provides you free first-day essentials such as cereals, milk, sugar, bread, honey, and likewise. Free food is always a winner!

14) Fair pay

The NHS promises fair pay to every employee, irrespective of age, gender, race, and ethnicity. It is this that makes the working environment a rather conducive one. Every overseas nurse is given the due rights and valued for her contribution to the UK’s healthcare system. While the pay is likely to be revised over the years, it is certain that you will not have any complaints.

15) Varied domain of work

Last but not least, the NHS allows overseas workers to explore from a wide range of work domains. For example, you can choose from categories such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, midwives, and more. So, you may join as a nurse and with further education and training, pursue a doctor’s role. The NHS promises to give flight to your dreams!

Thus, these are the top 15 reasons why you must work as an overseas nurse in the NHS. It is an experience of a lifetime and likely to be a game-changing point in your career.

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