Being a house cleaner is as tricky as any other corporate role. You travel across multiple locations, working towards getting your business more recognition. However, house cleaning is not only limited to cleaning. It would be best if you prepared for every crisis that arises. It is possible with a contingency plan. With the following pointers on how to choose the best coverage as a professional house cleaner, you will be ready for any misplaced items, lost items, or unsatisfied customers. Moreover, it will not affect your paycheck! The three major types of covers are listed below.


A bond generally requires you to contact a third-party service to provide you protection. Essentially, it means that if a customer is not satisfied with your work or if you fail to deliver timely, then he may seek reimbursement. A third-party sponsor helps the company by not letting it pay from its pocket. As may be clear by now, bonds are a type of guarantee that you provide your potential clients. In a nutshell, it is one of the best ways to grow your company and not suffer any losses.

Fidelity bonds

Fidelity, in simple terms, means cheating. Thus, the fidelity bond protects you against something similar. It is best suited for companies where the employees pursue roles in handling cash or doing money transfers from one location to another. In such a situation, the fidelity bond helps you to stay protected against cheating and embezzlement. You may choose from types of essential fidelity bonds for house cleaners.

Business service bonds

Building trust is the base of every business’ success. But, how do you do that in today’s time and date when crime rates have increased to another level? Well, business service bonds are the answer. It is a bond that protects your customers from your employees. Thus, in case your cleaning staff members break any items or anything goes missing, the customers can have peace of mind with this protection.

Contract bonds

Contract bonds, as the name suggests, is wholly based on the contract that you sign with your customers. Most suited for high-earning house cleaning services, the agreement includes points such as the names of both the parties, the service deadlines, the budget, and related details. In case the company fails to work timely, the clients get full protection.

Business license

A business license is not anything new that you must be hearing. It refers to a government-approved document that shows your business’ validity. With a permit and precise registry, you get a complete guarantee that no one else can shut down your business. The local government has the right to fine you or close your work if you fail to produce this license.

Please note that your license must include essential points such as your name, the company’s name, the location of operations, and the legal permission to work in that region. You can file for a business license online anytime in elementary and quick steps.


Insurance is quite similar to a bond. When you opt for business insurance, it is not much different from a life insurance or car insurance. You get a third-party assurance that in case of any problems in the day to day operations or long-term work, you will not suffer any losses. The third service, also known as the insurance provider, will pay on your behalf. There are several types of insurance policies that you can pick.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance is a primary type of work cover for house cleaners. It is best suited for companies that wish to protect their employees against the health hazards of the cleaning industry. In case of any damage to the property or body damages, it is the best insurance to seek.

Professional liability insurance

The professional liability insurance cover for house cleaners implies that no one can question the efficacy of your services. You remain protected from all such accusations of lack of professionalism, unsatisfactory performance, and low motivation to work. It is an excellent way to keep your employees motivated. However, you must have an excellent team for this insurance cover to work for the general welfare of the company.

Workers’ compensation

A workplace injury is highly prevalent in the cleaning industry. If you have employees working under your banner, then you must opt for the workers’ compensation insurance scheme because it protects the company from any legal courses, in case of physical injuries to the workers.

Commercial auto insurance

Transport modes can be quite risky. The commercial auto insurance protects you from any accidents when you transfer staff, cleaning material, and other products from one location to another. The insurance company pays for the damages that you suffer.

Thus, these are some of the best coverages for house cleaners. Additionally, you may also find other insurance policies that suit your business needs.