Though the national authorities have instructed everyone to stay indoors and practice social distancing, security personnel are still exposed to countless people, be it at the hospitals, hotels with guests unable to fly out, or other places selling essentials. The security guard agency must teach the basic rules to their team members regarding how to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading ahead to find a set of regulations that you must follow without fail. It can help you protect the personnel from contracting Coronavirus.

The most basic thumb rules

1. Educate the staff about COVID-19 symptoms

Teach the security staff members and the law enforcement team about the Coronavirus symptoms. It can help them identify the suspects who may have the virus and protect everyone in the long run. While the initial signs of COVID-19 include cough, fever, and respiratory problems, they may get worse if they remain untreated. Ensure to convey that it is a myth that the youth are not likely to have the virus- anyone can catch it.

2. The person must have the necessary equipment for protection

The agency or premise owner needs to ensure that they provide the necessary equipment to the guards. For example, it would be unwise to leave the guards without proper masks and protective suits in the open. They help the nation to function smoothly and assist in the general mass’ well-being- protective gears are mandatory. Other than this, they also need access to sanitizers and disinfectants. Though they will be wearing gloves all the time, sanitizers at regular intervals can help them get rid of any bacteria or virus they have touched unknowingly.

3. Make a list of the other essentials

The law enforcement team is at your service 24X7. There is no recess because the nation needs them right now. So, there is a list of other essentials that they need. It includes an extra pair of clothes, undergarments, socks, disinfectants, soaps, and sanitary wear for the ladies. Though this is a tentative list, it may also include medicines.

4. What to do in case of any contact with a COVID-19 patient?

Last but not least, the security personnel must know what to do in case they come in contact with a COVID-19 patient. They must first ensure that no one else comes near them. After cleaning themselves and using a proper disinfectant, they must stay at home and practice complete quarantine. During this time, they must also maintain distance from their family members. Though the quarantine period is only 14 days, they must rush to the doctor and get themselves checked in case of any symptoms.

Let’s get into the details

What causes COVID-19?

The main virus involved in COVID-19 is known as SARS-CoV-2. What happens is that when people come close to one another, their respiratory droplets may carry this virus from one body to another. For example, let’s consider a situation when you are talking to a friend, standing close to you, and he or she sneezes suddenly. So, if they have Coronavirus, it gets transmitted to you. It can also spread due to cough or talking as the droplets are released from the mouth. National health authorities have asked people to maintain distance from one another because Coronavirus cases are still being detected daily, and no one is certain of who may or may not be infected.

Please note that recent studies have shown that people may sometimes not show any symptoms yet have Coronavirus. Though the answer to this problem is widespread testing, it is not practically possible to test the millions in the state.

What should the protective gear include?

Personal Protective Equipment is also known as PPE. However, do you know the items that complete the gear? Let’s find out now.

  • One pair of examination gloves. However, please note that these must be disposable ones that the staff throws away after using it for a day. You do not want the virus to linger on. On the other hand, disposing of so many gloves daily can leave higher plastic waste across the globe. We do not want one problem leading to another. Thus, you must disinfect your gloves regularly and change them in two to three days.
  • Disposable isolation covers or single-use/disposable coveralls are helpful.
  • Facemasks have proven to be the hero of the hour. Remember to wear a mask that is certified N-95 or higher than that. The plain surgical masks may not be as effective.
  • Invest in proper eye protection. Disposable goggles or face shields help to cover the front of the face and the eyes, protecting and droplets to enter your body through the pores or openings.

What else should you keep in mind?

Though the points mentioned above cover most of the information the security personnel and law enforcement team must know, it is still not complete. Before we conclude, let’s talk about the staff uniform.

Most of the personnel have their designated uniforms that they must wear and report for duty. So, in such cases, remember to disinfect the belt and uniform daily. Wash them with a good soap and water, and then clean them thoroughly with a disinfectant. Also, remember to not touch your face or the T-section on your face without sanitizing your hands. Avoid shaking the clothes until they are clean and do not leave them lying around. Take them straight to the laundry and do the needful.


The security guard service is extremely vital during the present times. They are risking their lives for you. In case you have such requirements, you can easily check online and fix yourself an appointment after discussing it with the customer care team.