If you’ve ever managed an event or if you’re planning to, having security can save the image of your event. Lots of time, people forgo planning for security or hiring security guard services, and it ends up costing them PR image or brand image. More than that, laid-back behavior about security can lead to unfortunate events in the future.

Hiring efficient security guard services can prevent disaster from striking your event. Here are some reasons why you need to pay heed to this advice:-

Avoiding Intruders – When you put time, effort, and money into organizing and executing the event, why let gate-crashers and uninvited guests ruin the ambiance? It’s not uncommon for gate-crashers to engage in violent or disruptive behavior; they may take advantage of your relaxed security system. Hiring security services will not only keep intruders away but also make sure that the money you’ve put isn’t utilized by unwelcome guests.

Planning for protestors – If you’re holding an event that is related to a controversial project or if controversial guests or speakers are going to attend your event, there are chances of protests happening. Hiring security services would mean having a plan in place to defend your case from any protests and protect the company from any embarrassment.

Having a strong presence – Security services create a strong aura that scares those who wish to harm your event. There’ve been cases in which thieves, pickpockets, and even backpack bombers have been deterred from attacking an event, simply because formidable-looking guards were stationed at the entrance of the venue. The point is not just to deal with the invaders, but also to deter them in the first place since prevention is better than cure.

Crowd management – Crowd management can mean several things in an event. Having alcohol at your event can lead to acts of aggression or violence by drunk or unruly guests. The presence of security services at the event would ensure that such guests are treated with caution, and the event isn’t disrupted at any cost. If your event is going to host large crowds, hiring security services is a must as chances of ruckus or stampede can increase. Often people take advantage of big companies to commit illegal acts or harass women.

Emergencies – In case of any emergency, people usually act chaotically. They run around in fear or panic and cause the situation to worsen. Security services will help the people evacuate in an orderly fashion while maintaining peace and calm. The people you appoint for security and crowd control will already have a backup plan for emergencies or natural disasters. They are well-versed with all the entry and exit points and can guide the crowd to a safe path. Having such services onboard can save lives during emergencies.

High-profile guests – Lots of events invite high-profile guests as speakers, performers, or as chief guests. Such high-profile guests are usually at risk of being attacked or harassed. Having security services on board can make these people feel safe. You can appoint security guards at the entrance, to deter any armed or dangerous intruders. Selecting personal security guards for the protection of the high-profile guests is also essential.

Unwanted media attention – When you organize an important event and invite well-known personalities, such as celebrities or political figures, there’s bound to be unwanted paparazzi. Journalists and photographers will try to wiggle their way in to get juicy tabloid gossip. To prevent your guests from feeling embarrassed or unsafe, and to secure the brand image of your event, it’s important to hire security services. They know how to handle such people with ease while protecting the event from any negative publicity.

Handling a crime or an accident – Petty criminals or con-men often target high-profile events. With security guards posted at all entrance and exit points, as well as the interiors of the venue, all your guests will feel more at ease. Security services are well-trained to handle crimes like theft, assault, and so on, or accidents like fire. They will keep the crowd safe and try to catch the culprit or deal with the repercussions of the accident. Security guards are also well-trained to carry out an orderly evacuation. Once the needful is done, law enforcement authorities can be contacted.

Layers of security – Posting security guards at the entrance and exit isn’t enough. You must hire efficient security services that can ensure layers of security for your event. Such services post security guards at traffic lights near the venue for assistance. Security guards should also be posted at any parking lots or dark alleys near the venue, to prevent any guest from becoming the victim of a crime. Guards can also be posted inside the venue to keep an eye on the guests and at the bag-check station as well.

Screen your staff – Security services are trained to screen not only the arriving guests to deter intruders, but also the staff. Screening the staff is extremely important as people with ulterior motives may try to disrupt your event by establishing ties with the hired personnel or third-party vendors.

Why choose Stalwart?

Stalwart is an ISO approved security guard agency, located in Bangalore. Stalwart offers a variety of services for any event:-

Security Guards – Stalwart deploys unarmed and uniformed security guards at the venue of the event, as per client requirements. Physical guarding is at the essence of providing security, and being a top-notch security guard agency, Stalwart only deploys the very best.

Armed Guards – Armed guards are a necessity for high-profile events. Stalwart hires experienced armed guards who have government-licensed firearms. Being a responsible security guard agency, Stalwart rigorously verifies all its armed guards. They are equipped for the worst-case scenarios and know how to handle emergencies.

Escort Guards – Escort guards escort guests, staff, and employees from one location to another, during dark hours. Hiring them prevents any chances of your people becoming helpless victims of crime or dangerous accidents.

Event security services – Event security services offered by Stalwart, specifically cater to the requirements for an event. Part-time security guards will be deployed at the venue and multiple services will be offered. These include uniformed guarding, coordinating with local law enforcement authorities, crowd control, and parking control.


Stalwart is a leading security guard agency because they only deliver the best. With an experience that crosses two decades and a presence that spans over a hundred cities in India, Stalwart has carved a niche for itself in the field of security.