Indian economy and business are growing at a very rapid speed. Along with the growth, the need for security is also increasing. With the growth, security services needs are expanding which is further necessitated by the ever-increasing security risks and related threat perceptions. For the peaceful operation at any place, deployment of specialised personnel and systems to prevent and manage security risks are vital. 

Because of this, the implementation of security measures and systems at public places has risen multifold. The public places could be Airports, railways, metro stations, shopping malls & markets, hotels, and public utilities as well as industrial complexes, commercial spaces, offices, and residential blocks. 

The Indian personal security market was estimated at Rs 57,000 Crores and is likely to touch 1,000,000 Crores by 2020 (As per latest Industry estimates). Apart form revenue growths, the Security Industry is also evolving in its employment practices. Skill Development, Customer Satisfaction, employee welfare funds and defining career progression paths for high performing employees are some of the new standards being set-up by the important players in the security industry. 

Stalwart People Services India Ltd, being a key player in the Indian Security services is playing a very important and vital role in the industry. The company has spent over a decade in providing services to their customers and has played a very important role in not just offering services, but also in the growth of it’s people by offering jobs to over 10,000 employees. Stalwart believes in all round growth of it’s employees. 

The main services being offered by Stalwart Group include Security Services, Facility Management Services, Toll Collection Services, and Overseas Placement Services.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company, with a 3-star quality rating by TuV Rheinland and an Ethical Alliance Partner with EA, Singapore. Positive testimonials from customers that we serve across the country speak for our service quality and consistency over the years. As your strategic partner, we will serve as a one-stop solution provider who manages all aspects of your entire property, thereby ensuring more accountability, improved cost-efficiencies, and seamless integration of all your facility services.