Intelisenz Video Monitoring with AI


We are excited to announce the launch of Intelisenz, our cutting-edge Cloud-based Central Monitoring System that is designed to revolutionize the surveillance experience. With Intelisenz, you can effortlessly access camera feeds from any location without the burden of huge setup costs. It is equipped with powerful AI capabilities that ensure real-time monitoring of your premises.

Intelisenz also provides instant alerts for events such as perimeter intrusion, unauthorized access, parking violations, and crowd alerts. It has built-in Advanced Investigation Toolssuch as video forensics, which are enabled through seamless searches across multiple camera feeds in seconds. The biggest advantage of Intelisenz is that it is compatible with existing cameras, recording equipment, and cabling.

Stalwart also offers a subscription-based model that eliminates the need for substantial investments in servers or hardware. Your video feeds are directly integrated with the Intelisenz cloud for efficient processing and storage, eliminating the need for additional set-up costs. Your team can monitor, search, and track the video feeds from a web browser anywhere in the world. We invite you to explore Intelisenz and elevate your surveillance capabilities, where innovation meets convenience.

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