Leadership thoughts

Being a woman leader in a male-dominated industry presents its own set of unique challenges. We face scepticism and resistance from colleagues and subordinates who hold stereotypical beliefs about gender and leadership.  We are either seen as too aggressive or lacking in authority compared to our male counterparts. Women have fewer networking opportunities; we are held to higher standards than our male counterparts and we need to work harder to prove ourselves.  Balancing the demands of leadership with personal and family responsibilities is also particularly challenging for women.

Despite these challenges, we can thrive and make significant contributions to the organisations and spaces we work in. To begin with, we must start advocating for ourselves, challenging gender biases, and focusing on developing our skills and expertise. Continuous learning and improvement is the next step to enhance our confidence and credibility. Setting clear boundaries and not being afraid to voice our opinions and ideas is yet another crucial step in advancing as women leaders.

My advice to women colleagues is to embrace leadership opportunities and take on roles that showcase your abilities, influence change, and inspire others. Be a role model for other women where your success and achievements can inspire others to pursue their goals fearlessly.  Recognise that setbacks and obstacles are part of the journey. Remember, your unique perspective and contributions as a woman can enrich your organisation and drive positive change. Stay true to yourself, stay resilient, and continue to strive for success.