Stalwart's Cricket Team

Our team in Coimbatore participated and won United Cup 2024, a Corporate Cricket Tournament hosted by Coimbatore United Round Table, sponsored by Dharani Pumps & Motors Coimbatore and GT Holidays. A total of 16 teams participated, and our team was unbeaten in all the 6 matches, winning the finals with 3 sixers in the last over of the innings. Stalwart Team chased down a big target under lights under a lot pressure, finally winning the cup in style.

Many congratulations to team Coimbatore for demonstrating amazing team work, incredible enthusiasm, energy, and resilience. We congratulate our Captain Karthik, team members- Manoj, Senthil, Kumar, Tamil, Maheshwaran, and Kishore for the outstanding performance. Here is a short interview with the team on the occasion.

As a team leader, what does winning the United Cup mean to you? 

Karthik (Captain): I have been playing cricket for the past 22 years, and I must say that winning the United Cup was indeed the most exciting part of my journey with cricket. When I look back at it, the single most important reason for us winning the cup is the teamwork and how all of us came together and did our best individually to make it happen. As a captain, there is nothing more rewarding. 

What sets this win apart? 

Karthik: Stalwart team has participated in this competition the past four years, each year giving us an important learning lesson. This year, as the team captain, I ensured that we would put to use all that we learned over the years. Before each toss, we held a team meeting to decide what our plan of action would be if we won it. This gave us a clarity of action that was instrumental in winning the matches that followed. To our luck, we won all the tosses and were able to execute what we planned. 

How does teamwork make a difference in an outside office event? 

Manoj: Our team comprises players with varying levels of commitment to cricket – some play regularly, others whenever time allows, and some not at all. Despite these differences, everyone was fully engaged in the matches, giving their best to win the cup, together. The primary focus was on collective effort rather than the outcome; winning or losing became secondary. Even those who were not playing, showed up to cheer for us, making us realise that we are a bigger team and are always looked out for. 

Karthik: In the semi-finals, we required 10 runs from 2 balls. The challenge was intense, and the enthusiastic support from our company, especially our leaders, inspired us to pursue it and win the round. In the finals, we needed 6 runs in the final ball, but as history would have it, the United Cup was for Stalwart and we brought it home!

How do you think a game influences interpersonal relationships at the workplace? 

Manoj: It is a fact that we are often busy at our workspaces and find it hard to build bonds beyond our departments. A cricket match with office colleagues is a fun way to meet and interact with colleagues from other departments, fostering a great sense of community at the workspace. 

Karthik: A match is also a great learning space to think together and act as one force, because we cannot win otherwise.