If we talk about the largest employers in India, then Private Security is amongst the first ones. It employs almost 8.9 Million people with the potential to employ 3.1 mil more by 2021. The PSI also has a unique distinction of being the largest corporate tax contributor to the National Exchequer.  

As per the study conducted by the Guardian, the global market in the year 2017 was USD 180 Billion and is expected to be USD 240 Billion by 2021. In contrast, the Indian Private Security Industry is expected to grow faster at about 20% CAGR owing to the changing landscape of the sector in India. The current workforce is more than the combined strength of Army, Navy, Airforce and Police put together. With 8.9 Mil Security Guards and 1.9 Mil police officers, India has 5x as many private security guards than police officers. 

Clearly, there is a vast potential for the large workforce in PSI to provide allied police services along with the law enforcement agencies to fill up the current gap. However, it would require an appropriate policy framework to enable PSAs to function as allied police force in India. Some of the allied police services which are globally outsourced to private security are:

  •  Security of the outer periphery of prisons and transportation of prisoners
  •  Senior citizen preventive security services
  •  Street surveillance and video control room management
  •  Assist police in handling emergencies and disasters
  •  Background verification of employment applicants
  •  Security management for events and festivals
  •  First-level response to home security alarm activations
  •  Delivery of summons; chip-based tracking of prisoners on parole. 


Stalwart People Services Pvt. Ltd. has been at the forefront of the Security Guard Provider for over a decade in India. With over 10,000 trained professionals around the country, Stalwart has been assisting and evolving with the times. 

Stalwart’s dedicated guards are known for their excellent teamwork regarding security. The following are the reasons why Stalwart has been amongst the best in the Indian Security Eco-System. 

  • Police-verified security guards
  • 30+ years of experience with satisfied customers
  • Top-notch transparency in dealing with clients
  • Works tirelessly to secure places
  • Available 24/7
  • Handle emergencies effectively
  • Prevent crime
  • Provide seamless, integrated security to client’s property