QRT (Quick response team) is important to reduce damage to life and property by quick actions and responses. During any emergency irrespective of security, safety, road accident, riot, fire, theft and etc, the QRT team is ready to rush to the scene of the incident within minimum limited time and able to take necessary action.

QRT team is necessary as QRT teams are supposed to respond in the shortest time, move by the fastest means, take action to collect strategic information and counteract the threat. They rescue personnels, reduce assistance to Central forces and other state forces on government duty.

The basic concept behind setting up QRT units was to strengthen the first line of defence.  The medical staff in QRT works alongside or replaces the official doctors in their absence to provide all possible first aid treatment; They monitor the psycho-physical state of people by observing any pathologies; The team maintains the presence beyond the official doctors’ hours and seven days a week. QRT consists of young, tough and trained officers and men capable of working in adverse situations. They have been trained in mob dispersal tactics and provided with suitable equipment for their operations. They have also been trained in First-Aid.

Any function or gathering that involves a large group of people in the same place should have a QRT working together to maintain order. In the event of an armed robber or use of deadly weapons or force, it is the duty of QRT to respond quickly to prevent property damage and even save lives. To enable effective communication to receive and transmit information, maintain situational awareness, and communicate with all components within the incident organisation is essential to ensure effective supervision, directives, and response controls. 

With Stalwart’s QRT team, regardless of where you are, you just have to inform us and we will be there as soon as possible to assist you.