Ever since the nation-wide shut-down was announced due to COVID Pandemic, Security Guard Services are becoming more vital for businesses. During the absence of public movement, it is even more difficult to protect your business premises and valuable properties. That’s why companies are investing a lot in upgrading their security systems and taking support from 3rd party Security Guard Agencies.

Why security services are important during Lockdown?

Monitoring Vacant Premises

The lockdown emphasizes reduced mobility of people across locations and slowly advised us to reduce the number of personnel in working environments. This paves way for criminals and ill-minded to take advantage of the situation that has lesser monitoring and movements. Your business premise is at a higher risk of security breaches and loss of valuables. More than ever it’s methodical to Hire the Best Security Guard service for your premise. Analyze and ensure their guards’ security skills and endurance to have your premise guarded. As we all know the premium comes only from the Best Security Guard Agency.

Managing Electronic Surveillance

Frontline workers were allowed to ensure the functioning of our society. Ensure your security guards are vaccinated and are able to safely deployed in critical work locations. Reimagine the security protocols with your security guard agency and ensure multiple ways to protect the entire infrastructure getting vandalized. Educate security guards to monitor your remote surveillance devices at your premises. Enable them to escalate any abnormal activities immediately before situation gets out of control. It is best if your security guard agency has trained security guards who can handle electronic surveillance systems.

Alerts & Escalation Protocol

It’s acceptable that your premise is secured with emergency prevention sensors like some detectors to detect unauthorized access or movements. With help of trained security guards on latest electronic means mishaps can be immediately reported and losses can be avoided. Ensure you have access to Quick Response Teams to be readily deployed in times of trouble.

Enforcing Pandemic Protocols

Position your frontline security guards as the enforcers of pandemic protocols. This helps ensuring overall safety and adhering to compliance. At all-time in and around your premises, position Security Guards who are completely informed on the communication protocols to handle visitors, communicate working protocols, brief government bodies on audits and checks. Also from a health check measures, advise security guards to ensure every member who are inside or enter as visitors, wear masks and maintain Social Distancing. Security guards play a crucial role in balancing economic stability and controlling wide spreading diseases from spreading.

More than ever it’s a high priority that you guard your working premises with the security guard service. Hire Security Guard Service companies in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad – The Stalwart Security Services. Protect your best interest with the right security Experts.