Digitalization is happening all around the world and is transforming many companies’ working styles. As per the reports of Research andMarkets, by 2025, a growth of 16.5% is expected in the Global Digital Transformation Market. The business world is facing a changing phase that can alter their working behavior altogether.  With the advancement in technology, now employees can work from home, whereas the companies no longer need to be in brick and mortar. The friction Free Market brought enormous changes in the employer-employee relationships. Digitalization even helped industries to become much more transparent with a more on-demand workforce. Integrated Facility Management is one among the many services that are stepping up to get digitized. The new technologies offer better working opportunities for IFM and will bring more profit to the organizations. Even though the shift of IFM to a virtual experience demands some upgrading, the list of benefits makes the worry over those demands negligible.

 Benefits of Digitizing IFM 

Automated Workflow

The introduction of digitalization in Facility Management Can bring automated workflow. No more human intervention is needed and manual calling for work can be reduced.  We can use online platforms to select on-demand workers, which will speed up the process with no conflict. These online platforms can increase the transparency and accuracy of the company’s working style. Another advantage of automated workflow is the efficient management of time. Not seconds will go wasted, and no chance of miscommunication will be there. We can also use technology to track the employees or trace the vendors coming to do the repairing process in the company.

 Increased workplace productivity

No companies like to present themselves as saturated. So they keep on looking for ways to increase productivity. Digitalization is one key feature that can help with boosting workplace productivity which in turn brings more profit. With the technology, you can bring changes into the office to give a more personalized space and flexible atmosphere. This adjustment will keep the employees focused and energetic. Also, this digital phase will assist in establishing work from a home setup with the same productivity as in the office. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

Remote monitoring and sensor facilities are now common in the market. Using such digital aids will help manage the energy resources more correctly along with preserving the environment.  Automated adjustment of temperature and lighting, fault detection, and alarms will seem simple but can add a lot to the profit to the organization.

Simplified compliance function 

Digital technologies can help an FM manager ensure everything in the company is running on a fine line. For example, to run a business efficiently, it is vital to follow the rules and regulations correctly and to have correct measures regarding safety. Manual checking and updating of these things are time-consuming, which also comes with chances of having errors. A digitalized facility to analyze things can help the company to get accurate results with 100% fault-less inspection.

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