As the world is entering a post-pandemic phase, businesses all around the globe are planning to reopen their offices. But considering the threat of COVID-19 is not entirely vanished, people still need to go on with the safety measures to mitigate the chances of getting affected. So, to restart, the offline mode of working also requires some changes. In this blog post, we list out some of the security measures you need to take before you open your office again.

  1. Reduce the density of employees 

Follow government regulations regarding maximum employee count for offices and accordingly Plan your day-to-day schedule with fewer employees. Introduce multiple work shifts so that productivity is sustained with fewer people without overlapping. If you own a big firm, give working shifts on alternate days for employees, that save you from getting infected by the disease.

  1. Continue to offer work from home for a fraction of employees

Even though the office is opening, getting everyone back to work will not help the current situation. Ensure only the essential workers crucial workers be invited for office and let the rest work from home. This will control the commute and exposure of risk.

  1. Rearrange the office with more space

Practicing social distancing is a crucial key in preventing Corona Virus. Make sure you are rearranging the office with more space in between the seats. Also, it’s natural to forget the distancing among the workers. Keep some signs posted on the walls, reminding workers about the importance of maintaining social distancing.

  1. Introduce touchless technology at the workplace

Touching things can spread the Covid. So keep your employees protected from such risks. Building front doors with face recognition or id cards recognition will be an innovative idea to start with touchless technology. Also, digitizing the office will add to the benefits. Being a paperless office can reduce the contact to about 50%.

  1. Increase the number of sanitizer points.

It’s common in offices that sanitizers are available only at the front desk. Rework on this. Make sanitizers available at different places in the office, say it in the cabin, near printers, dining area, rest rooms, etc. These sanitization points help the people get sanitized often, taking down the risk of getting infected with the pandemic. So, buy more sanitizers and install them at various places.

  1. Limit movements in common areas.

Another way of taking precautions is to limit employee movements in common areas such as dining area, canteen, conference rooms, auditoriums, sports facilities and studios. Monitoring these places where people aggregate and limiting for lesser movements will control further spread of the disease. You can renovate the common areas as a working space for individuals. This will allow them more flow of fresh air.

  1. Distribute Safety Guides before opening the office

Draft a safety guide document or infographic or an e-book clearly stating the dos and don’ts in workplace before opening offices. Circulate it among the workers through digital means and also print them and post them in common walls, visible for everyone. These documents will improve clarity among people and will help them to act accordingly.

  1. Establish an office cleaning schedule

Make sure you have a well-planned office cleaning schedule before opening the office. Cleaning your office several times a day can keep the virus away. Also buy and stork the requirements for this cleaning process such as floor cleaners, buckets, cleaners, etc., and give well-written guidelines, hands-on training procedures for your house keeping staff to follow.

  1. Run multiple Vaccination Drives

Ensure only vaccinated employees come to office. Also collaborate with multi-speciality hospitals and government bodies to conduct multiple vaccination drives for employees. You may also sponsor vaccination does for your employees and their families. This will boost their morale and enhance your brand image as well.

  1. Install Thermal imaging systems at Security Gates

Prevention is better than cure. Hence monitor the body temperature of your employees as they approach your front gates. Use your trained security guards team to follow a stringent procedure on how to approach employees with signals of fever. By following a systematic protocol of reporting such employees and giving them appropriate treatment in real-time will help further spread.

Secure offices play an important role in arresting further spread of COVID-19. Your security guards team has an important task in hand for introducing reimagined security checklists for your offices. Take a no-obligatory security assessment and briefing consultation from Stalwart Security Group – The trusted name in providing corporate security services in India for over 30 years.