When it comes to security and protection, sometimes it means to carry an armed weapon. Security guards armed with guns while on duty may feel safer than an average unarmed guard, but they also have greater responsibility and risk, the responsibility of protecting the civilians, and the risk of losing a life. Without saying, being a security guard is an exhilarating job.

Why are armed security guards needed?

There are two primary reasons for a client to hire security guards from an armed security guard company.

  • Safety from prominent threat: In today’s absurd world, with criminal violence and other forms of terrorism on the rise, it’s better to determine whether the property is a hard or soft target. Hard targets include places like power plants and government building which requires armed security guard services, and soft target include places like clubs, hotel, market, and so on, which mainly requires unarmed security forces. Private properties generally prefer armed security guard company services while others favor unarmed services
  • Main concerns & Perception of the client: Is the client trying to restrict entrance to certain people? Are they worried about possible mob attacks? Are they concerned about the guests’ safety? If yes, then it’s more reliable to hire armed security guard services. But unarmed security services are a better choice when dealing with other options such as preventing civilian trespassing, vandalism, and transients. Unarmed security service members can still provide effectiveness as compared to an armed serviceman, though it would provide less of an intimidating factor. It can also avoid civil distress with the absence of arms and ammunition in public places

Duties of an armed security guard

One of the foremost responsibilities of armed security guards is to protect all innocent civilians who are around them. Mostly, an armed security guard is hired from a private security guard agency to safeguard valuable items at prestigious institutions, celebrities attending parties, politicians at rallies and charitable events, and so on, facilitating daily reports to their superiors.

An Armed Security guard requires a high sense of accountability as the guard is expected to treat all clients with respect, and the main job includes protecting the company or any organization from vandalism, theft, and violence. An armed security guard also defends the employer, his or her property, enforces the law on the same, and manages criminal activities.

  • Guarding the client and the resources associated with the client
  • Monitoring the closed-circuit TV cameras and alarm
  • Engaging in mobile patrolling during the working hours and walking from location to location to ensure safety and security
  • Arresting or detaining the criminal violators and keeping a watch on the suspects
  • Answering various duty calls related to any unlawful activities or problems, and assigning the traffic violation warnings to the general public
  • An armed security guard is also accountable for protecting the money and valuables during any transaction in the banks
  • Protecting people from any injury or theft while making any commercial bank deposits
  • Providing guard to the Missions, Embassies, and various Consulates in foreign countries
  • Sometimes they will have to provide security to the Chairman of the Presidents and higher officials of the multinational corporate companies

The risk involved in armed security guard services

Whenever there is a gun involved, often, there is a chance for loss of life. The victim can be anyone; the security personnel, or the harmless, innocent bystander, or the VIP himself. No one is sure of what could happen when weapons are involved. In this case, it is a risk or responsibility of the security guard. They may be jeopardizing the lives of innocent individuals around, and the security guard may not be sure of his or her training.

Be it the security guard for a VIP or a celebrity; there is always the chance of being severely injured. When working at concerts and events, security personnel are required to have control of the crowds or protect those on stage from any imminent threat. These situations can often get uncontrolled, and the security personnel is always at the risk of being hurt or being thrashed by the masses.

Operating as an armed security guard implies you have to be on the front line at all times. A security guard would naturally be the first to react to a situation whenever a criminal movement transpires. This is the foremost reason why a security guard ends up putting themselves in the line of fire whenever there is trouble.

Private security guard agency services are one of the most exhilarating and high paying jobs as of today. Yes, not every day is critical, but putting life on the front line to defend something or someone is a big risk on its own. As an armed security guard, you never know what will happen next, and when weapons are involved, anything can get a lot more dangerous and risky as well.

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