Security guards are the most critical part of the protection of the house. They protect people, places, and property from any severe damage. There are variations in the duties of a security guard, depending upon the location they are guarding.

But, the primary job of a guard is the prevention of crime. The ability to deter criminals measure the efficiency of a security guard. They protect against crimes like theft, vandalism, sabotage, cyber attacks, physical violence, or terrorism. They are the key elements that ensure proper enforcement of the law in the country. Security guards are consistent and regular in their service. The various duties, they perform, including locking doors, keeping an eye on the surveillance footage, patrolling quiet areas, and alarms. They look for signs of suspicious activities, through the shadows in the dark. They listen to unusual sounds and identify any potential threats.

During the time of theft or burglary, the guards can make citizens arrest and call the cops. Security officers play a significant role in our day to day life. We must be concerned about their health. Winter nights can be chilly and can often lead to severe illness. Follow the article to find more information about helping the guards to stay safe in winters.

Helping the Security guards stay safe in winters

We made a list of solutions that can help the security guards to tackle winter and protect your house correctly. They are as follows

  1. It is vital to wear body armor. Security sentinels must wear strong body armors. The degree of the strength of the armor also depends upon the allotted location. If the place has a higher risk of danger, the cloth should be more protective and vice-versa. Besides protecting from the potential threat, the durable material of the armor also helps in protecting from cold.
  2. Security officers must be assigned places they are familiar with. They must know the layout of the area which includes all the emergency exits, all possible hiding-places of troublemakers. They must patrol the routes of other security personnel. Better awareness will lead to better monitoring. The thieves would not be able to escape, even on chilly nights.
  3. If the area to be guarded is high on danger, the guards must be wearing a bulletproof jacket. Accidents can happen with guards carrying guns. For example, the guards may trip while holding the weapon, or a shot may ricochet. In such cases, a bulletproof jacket will prevent any damages to the covered areas. It must be ensured that the level of the jacket matches the level of ammunition. These accidents are more likely to occur in winters, especially in areas with snowfall.
  4. The security personnel of different areas must work in coordination. This happens better when you hire watchers from a private security services agency. When the guards work with combined efforts, it becomes easier to tackle crime. They can plan patrols together and perform multi-point surveillance. They can also take breaks at fixed times when the temperature drops at alarming levels. It results in increased efficiency and better security services.
  5. Security officers can make use of stab vests. It protects them better against any robbers or thieves, who are threatened with knives.
  6. Working at the same place, passing from the same routes, can easily make the security guards complacent. They tend to become over-confident about their ability to handle danger. But, they must not be carried away with this. Staying alert and sharp is always very important. The nights in winter can be foggy, and it only increases the risk of danger. The probabilities of a calamity may be less, but that invisible presence cannot be forgotten.
  7. Winter can make the hands and feet run cold very quickly. Sometimes, this process can jam body parts altogether. This situation is hazardous, especially for security personnel. To avoid this situation, they cover the hands and legs adequately. Wearing gloves and a proper boat and coat is very important. They should wear boots if the area is prone to snowfalls.
  8. You must make sure that the watchers are fit enough to be active in the time of danger. They must stay in a decent physical condition, which enables them to be quick and alert. They should avoid snacks at night, and have hot beverages like coffee.
  9. The armors that the guards wear must be checked regularly. They may carry signs of previous damage. This makes them a little less effective. Therefore, the armor must be checked for any defects, without delay.
  10. You must make sure that the exteriors of your house are well lit. It is so because severe winters make it difficult to navigate for visitors and security personnel, especially at night. Intense lighting should be installed at access points and with walkways. It helps in the prevention of accidents and ensures excellent visibility for security officers.

Following these tips is undoubtedly beneficial for all types of guards like private security services, etc. There are many service providers to help you find security guards for your building/offices. But, the help of a security guard service provider is not enough. You must take good care of the security personnel guarding your house.

You must be a little alert yourself that night. The combined effort and attention from you and the watchers will go a long way.

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