Security guards are ubiquitous, whether they work at a jewelry shop, a bank, or a school. The industries that require a security guard are endless, including to protect people, property, and company assets. Though security guards go mostly unnoticed by the general population, one is sure to notice a change in their absence. A career as a security guard service provider is not painted in a glamorous light. However, this career path can prove to be quite fulfilling. Still not convinced? Here are ten reasons that can change your mind.

1. Helping people is a rewarding task

The primary duty of a security guard is to protect people and keep them safe. Under their watch, criminals have been thwarted, and dangerous incidents have been prevented. Just the mere presence of a security guard helps people feel more relaxed in their surroundings. Assisting people to feel safe in their surroundings can be quite rewarding for a security guard service provider, on the grounds of morality.

2. The employability is high

There has never been a decrease in the demand for private security services. By choosing security as your line of work, you expand your horizons as there are numerous industries willing to employ security personnel. According to the situation, you would be given duties such as checking IDs, keeping a watch on the security monitors or patrolling.

3. You can choose when you want to work

As security and surveillance are likely to be round the clock, security guards may be given the opportunity to choose their shift. If it is a 24/7 service, you could choose between a night shift or a day shift, as per your convenience and comfort. This makes the job suitable for both night owls as well as early birds.

4. It can be an excellent choice for a part-time job

Previously, it has been established that certain private security services offer their employees the opportunity to pick when they wish to work. This can come in especially handy for people looking for part-time jobs. Whether you are a student or you need to look after your family, this career choice will make it easier to juggle your responsibilities. Being a security guard affords you the luxury of scheduling your day according to your convenience.

5. Being part of a private security service can help improve your observation skills

Lots of people enjoy people-watching, and if you are one among them, you will benefit from following this career path. A huge part of being a security guard is observing people and monitoring the comings and goings of various people. As you get more experienced, you will notice an improvement in your observation skills, able to spot a shifty character from a nervous person.

6. There are lots of variety in regard to the industries you can work for

Plenty of sectors require security, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. However, the job description varies according to the industry you choose. Some jobs entail guards remaining stationary at an assigned post while others involve patrolling the corridors of buildings. Depending upon the timings of the shifts, the hustle and bustle of your work vary. The daytime shifts tend to be a whirlwind of people and sound while the night shifts are more solitary and quiet.

7. In addition to your observation skills, you can also improve your people skills

Being a security guard service provider is not solely about patrolling and monitoring. At times, people may approach you with questions regarding directions and other such minor information. In such situations, it is essential to be polite and courteous to the person while not letting your guard down. This is an extension of customer service and is an equally important part of the career. Helping people in need of assistance can also be quite a rewarding experience.

8. Security guards are given crisis training

A large part of being a security guard includes being prepared to face any crisis one might encounter. This training consists of the proper actions to be taken in the case of fire and first aid. Such training can prove to be useful even when one is off the clock.

9. You can be autonomous as well as part of a team

Security guards can work independently at a post which is indeed a big responsibility. At the same time, they are also part of a larger group and can benefit from teamwork. Thus, you learn to work on your own as well as in a team.

10. All the knowledge adds up to your life experience

All the knowledge gathered from working as a security guard can be imparted into daily life. They can prove to be valuable life lessons. The crisis training can come in handy in case of fires or fractures that require immediate attention and first aid. You also develop skills that help you interact with people in a formal, professional setting. These skills can extend to all spheres of life and result in a well-rounded individual.

Although security personnel might not be the first thing one thinks of as a career choice, it is as valid and beneficial as any other career options. The lessons learned are not limited to the time when you are on the clock but can extend to your everyday life, whether this is a long-term or short-term job. The flexible schedules and security in employment make this quite an attractive option. Secure your future as a security guard.

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