A security guard has several responsibilities, such as looking after the property, the general premises, and the people at the venue. People genuinely rely on security guards so that they can live a relaxed and carefree life. While armed security guards were earlier seen with celebrities and famous citizens, they have now become a common sight. But, owning arms is a significant trust. Continue reading ahead to learn about the 5 things that every armed security guard must know.

You must know when to use your arms

Using arms and ammunition is not a small affair. Thus, it would help if you always acted responsibly. Learn to use your arms only when needed. You must attend proper training programs to learn the proper use and when you must depend on them. Please note that you must have a license to use arms.

Moreover, you need to follow a disciplined regime and know who you can attack. Though you have to protect the ones around you, you do not have the right to mess with the State’s law. It is essential to understand the rules of the land thoroughly.

How to handle emergencies

Emergencies do not give prior notice. The biggest reason why someone hires an armed security guard is to ensure that you are ready to face any crisis. Be it a medical emergency or an attack; you must be prepared. You must always be quick and alert. One of the most common places to hire armed security guards is the bank. Now, imagine a situation when the safety alarm goes off at midnight. That is a time when no one is around, other than you. Thus, you must be swift in the actions you take.

Be alert about the use of arms and violence by others

As an armed security guard, you must be ready to anticipate what others are up to. Ordinary people on the streets do not carry weapons with them. But you cannot trust anyone because no one has it printed on their shirts. Thus, you must always have a keen eye and stay on the lookout for suspicious behavior. If you see someone threatening you with a knife or gun, you must act sensibly and predict the pros and cons of your reaction.

Do you need to go on patrol rounds or remain a static guard?

There are many types of armed security guards. While some have to go on regular patrol rounds, some need to remain static. A patrol guard needs to investigate the premises, see if anyone is entering a restricted area, and keep a watch on intruders. On the other hand, a static guard remains fixed at one spot, for example, the entrance gate. It is a spot that the guard does not leave and filters all those who come to the venue. Both posts need armed guards.

Be prepared to provide first aid

Last but not least, every security guard must have proper lessons in providing first aid. First aid is a primary medical aid that you can provide during cuts and accidents. Thus, a security guard should know about it. Moreover, the general population assumes the security guard to play an all-rounder role. You can either prepare a first aid box on your own or ask the hiring company to do the same for you. Either way, it must always be in your access.

How to become an armed security guard?

Becoming an armed security guard is not as easy as it sounds. Since so many lives depend on you, you must not take the role lightly. It is a challenging job that needs a lot of dedication and training. There are several security-training schools and programs that you can enroll in. Additionally, talking to other guards and getting first-hand practical information is also a great idea. No school can teach you as much as experience. Thus, it would help if you started with a small job and then proceed to something bigger in life.

If you wish to become a armed security guard, you must ensure physical fitness and mental alertness at any given point in time. With this pocket-sized guide, you can tackle any problem that comes your way.

To conclude, there are many things that you must know if you want to become an armed security guard. Some of the other essential qualities that every guard must have are excellent communication skills, an eye for detail, and an active mind. You must be able to distinguish between good and evil and identify danger from a distance. Being prepared for every situation is the key to excel as an armed security guard.