There is a common misunderstanding that being a housekeeper implies being inherent. That one comes from the understanding that stains can be stripped from marble or that coffee can be drained from a rug, but the fact is that to be a good keeper of the house, one must have the skill and the art of housekeeping. There are various housekeeping service providers like housekeeping services in Chennai and in Bangalore.

The disparity between a housekeeper and a cleaner is enormous. And even if it may seem to mere mortals that they are the same, we can assure you they are not. How then can you determine the qualities of a good housewife and what separates them from a housekeeper? Let’s share what we’ve learned over the years.

Top 10 qualities of a great housekeeper

1. Honesty

Housekeepers can sometimes make mistakes or have duty-free incidents. They can break a bottle, smash a plate while they wash; tear a part of a sofa or even damage an apparel that belongs to a guest or to a hotel in which they work. They should be honest to accept their mistakes, explain the situation and ensure that it never happens again. It ensures that the housekeeper does not become carefree and careless if this happens again.

2. Attentive

Housekeepers also need to be able to take care of the smallest details. They should be able to evaluate a room and make sure all is right. Many housekeepers take photographs before they begin work to make sure each object is returned to the same place after the day’s work. Housekeeping service providers in Chennai and Bangalore ensure that they send the best housekeepers.

3. Good Listener

The ability to listen to the instructions of the house manager promotes good housekeeping. A good housekeeper should make sure that he/she understands the instructions and when questions are asked, they should be answered distinctly. This skill set will help you get to the top of your housekeeping career because you can hear and respond well.

4. Flexible

Many employers seek a housekeeper, especially those who can work with flexibility. The cleaning and supervision of children is an important duty for the housekeeper. A housekeeper that is not versatile cannot cover most of his day’s work until the day runs out, but a flexible housekeeper is willing to help in any situation.

5. Reliable

A good housekeeper also performs well for the client, who is trustworthy and is fully dedicated. The knowledge you acquired from your previous work must be accurate. Your employer trusts you when you are confident, and you should work hard and with great zeal to continue your job.

6. Trustworthiness

Only if your employer has proven you trustworthy can your employer leave his / her home under your custody. You should seek a way to have a confidential professional attitude, especially when working as a housekeeper. Even part-time hoteliers and cleaning personnel have a fundamental responsibility, and a high level of confidence is needed.

7. Self-control

The work at home needs you to behave professionally, to control your emotions and anger and prevent aggressive behavior in difficult times. Your boss should always see happiness on your face to prevent any terrible work-day. They need a happy worker and not a sadist to abandon their homes to.

8. Creative

Housekeeping job allows housekeepers to be innovative, to use alternative opinions to form new ideas and to respond to problems relating to their job. At challenging times, creativity is most important. It will allow you to develop new plans to increase the efficiency of your job.

9. Communication Skill

Housekeepers employed in a hotel environment regularly meet with multiple guests who they have to effectively communicate with, paying heed to visitors’ demands for personal items like towels, soap, toilet and more. Housekeepers also help resolve concerns that a visitor may have. To do this successfully, the housekeeper needs good communication skills.

10. Cleaning

You would have a bath towel to clean and scrub during your housekeeping job, a bed to make, meals to cook, washing linen, ironing, folding, and a lot else to do. You can clean every part of the room clean and shine it for the satisfaction of our guests and the management within a short period.

Merits and Demerits of Housekeeping Providers

As these companies are proper license holders, they have specific terms and conditions. The policies vary from company to company. These companies are strict about their principles. So, it is suggestible to hire housekeeping from these housekeeping service provider companies. The company remains answerable for significant losses or any illegal activities conducted by the housekeepers. Generally, these companies employ people with various skills, according to the clients’ requirements.

In the meantime, these companies have some insurance policies for their employees which might involve the clients for enquiry. It is a tiresome work in itself. Though these housekeeping service providers hold themselves responsible for the loss of the client by their employees, they don’t guarantee the complete refund of the damage. These companies might be a bit costlier than hiring local people. So, if you are going ahead for these service providers, cross-check the profile of the employee yourselves to ensure the validity and originality of the documents.

Housekeeping services in Chennai

Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities of India. Many people in Chennai live a busy life in which they hardly have time for household chores and maintenance. So, people prefer to keep housekeepers who are eligible for multitasking. But they prefer hiring local workers than in Chennai. Thus there are not a lot of companies which work in the field of housekeeping services. Anyways there are some startups with excellent ratings. Here is a list of such companies.

  • Outsourcing Services in Chennai Tamilnadu housekeeping Security Service
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Neat and Clean-IT Corporate Cleaning, Facility Management, HouseKeeping, HRSolution, TransCare Service
  • SSR Facility Services (Housekeeping Services |Data Entry Works, Office Boy Assistant|Security Guard)
  • Housekeeping Services For Corporate Office in Industries – Hygienic Solutions

Well, these are some of the housekeeping services in Chennai with excellent ratings. There are a lot of other companies as well. The main reasons for the growth of these companies are their locations, good customer service and high quality of service provided by them.

Housekeeping services in Bangalore

Coming to Bangalore, Bangalore is the IT-hub of India. People here follow a hectic life full of rush and work. The other reason the city is famous for is its pretty huge traffic problem. So, taking care of the house along with work, seems to be quite impossible. Thus people prefer services in Bangalore. Therefore there are a lot of companies growing very fast in this field of housekeeping. People here prefer to hire employees from these companies than hiring local people. These companies, however, turn out to be trustworthy as most of the people work here in IT- companies, they are aware of the terms and conditions very correctly. These housekeeping services in Bangalore are quite feasible as they are based near the corporate areas rather than isolated places. Some of the well-established services are listed below.

  • Protect home care service
  • Deep Cleaning Services
  • CleanPro Services Pvt Ltd
  • Handyman Services Ltd
  • Housekeeping agency-Sree Man Power
  • Clean Fanatic- Cleaning service
  • Sofa Carpet & Mattress Cleaning Services

These companies take the entire responsibilities of the employees, starting from their housing to their salary. These facilities make the agencies grow very fast and also encourage startups in the field of

in Bangalore. Their loyalty, hard work and proper training have made them stand apart and well-established.

As concluding this article, I hope readers would get a clear picture of these Housekeeping companies. Please revise the terms and conditions before hiring housekeepers from agencies and don’t forget to cross-check their profiles. However, hiring employees from these housekeeping services are less risky than hiring local workers. So, enquire appropriately before taking a step ahead with housekeeping services to ensure you and your family’s safety and security of your wealth.