Small businesses like retail departments, general stores, convenience stores, or banks and even big businesses have been frequently known to face criminal encounters. Lots of times it has been reported in the news that robbers or people with malicious intent tried to take advantage of bad security or the absence of security in such businesses.

Even when events, gatherings or corporate parties are held, there are real-time chances of a brawl or any kind of misconduct, especially if there is alcohol present. Usually, businesses forgo employing security services and then regret this unwise decision later.

If you employ the services of a security company:-

  • It can easily deter any criminals trying to cause any harm
  • Able officers or appointed guards can quickly deal with any situation of crime or unrest.

Following are the seven signs your office building needs security:-

Parking lot dangers

Many employees, especially women, feel extremely unsafe walking towards their cars or vehicles in an ill-lit parking lot. There have been several cases where a predator or attackers waited for a woman to enter the parking lot at a late hour and then assaulted them.

If you have security guards, the women in the office will feel much safer, even if they have to work till late in the night.

High crime neighborhood

If your business is such that it may be prone to break-ins or the neighborhood is less-than-average safe, you should employ security guards to look after your infrastructure. Precaution and prevention and better than cure. No point losing money and effort over something that can be easily avoided by merely employing vigilant and reliable security officers from a reputable security company.

Retail theft is a real problem

Employees steal from retail stores and small businesses end up facing lakhs of damage or loss due to this if it goes on for several years. Having security guards around will ensure there is proper surveillance and everybody thinks twice before stealing.

Usually, theft like this goes unreported and it is very hard to hold somebody accountable for the money lost. But, with security guards at the site, nobody is secure and wiser than you.

Record-keeping issues

It is extremely important to maintain daily and vigilant records of who enters the building and when. Not just that, any out-of-the-ordinary occurrences must also be recorded. In times of unfortunate crime, these can be used in court. Such as, let’s say a door keeps opening. The security guard present there will note this and keep it as a record. This will help make sure whether this was an accident, a defect in the door mechanism or whether an employee was doing it intentionally so that they could enter the building after office-hours and indulge in ill-doings.

Safety comes first

Businesses usually think that they’d never have to face any crime, or why would anybody ever attack their building or people. This is where the problem is. If you think you have maybe one or two safety concerns, you are mistaken. Like all businesses, your business also has many safety issues.

When employees work late-hours, they should feel safe and secure to have a productive environment. The women of the company should be safe from any harm. The finances of the company must be guarded closely. The parking lot needs to be safe. The areas around the office need to be safe.

Serving alcohol on-premises

When has alcohol not caused a problem? Alcohol can lead to brawls, fights, heated arguments. These can lead to the destruction of property and/or people. This situation is undesirable.

More than that, alcohol can lead to people becoming overly aggressive or unempathetic. This may lead to issues when it comes to the women in the office premises. All property and personnel should be protected even in the presence of alcohol and security guards will help do just that.


Safety guards we well-trained. They know how to handle emergencies, such as physical fights, criminal incidents, or call for medical help in times of medical emergency. Security guards are also trained in first-aid for a large variety of wounds and injuries. Things like these can mean life or death in the tragic situation of a crime.

Security officers are trained to think rationally even in chaotic situations, and handle scared people and lead them to safety.

These are the main signs that indicate your office building needs a security officer. Choose a security guard to safeguard your office premises and employees.