If you are planning to hire a security guard to protect, you, your home, or your business, inquire your prospective security guard agency on their hiring process. It is vital, as the contributions of security guards are ensured at this point of their journey.

Stalwart’s Security Guard Selection process is scientific and yet artistic. As one of the leading Security Guard Service providers in India, Stalwart Group’s reputation is tied-up with our security guard selection process.

Our hiring policy mandates us to adhere to a comprehensive hiring policy.

Talent Sourcing

Our hiring team is strategic in sourcing talent from various direct and agency routes. By advertising our job vacancies on newspaper adverts, radio, social media, online job boards, and discussion forums, we swiftly attract a pool of candidates for us to evaluate and choose from. Our systematic hiring process helps in acquiring regional security talent across all States we operate.

Background Check

We put in a lot of self-effort in this process. We are keen on hiring the Guards from families whose income can uplift their economic well-being. Next, we do a series of other checks such as Records for any Criminal activities, Personal ID Proof, and Residential Proof

Verification of Qualifications

To work in corporate environments, a basic level of education is mandatory so that they are responsive, accountable and integrity. We collect their certificates and thoroughly validate before calling them out for interviews in person or via phone. Stalwart security Guards are educated, oriented, trained on the security protocols. Aside their career choice, we do inspect their attitude and aptitude so that they can fit in specific security guard service aspects.


Upon scrutinizing the applications, we line up candidates and interview them extensively for testing the education, background, confidence, communication skills as well as other qualities that are of interest to our clients. We do understand their level of integrity, behaviour, morale, and loyalty.

Physical Fitness

When the resume of the Security Guards clears our expectations we call them for a Physical Fitness Test. This test is conducted by our hired professionals who certified us regarding their Physical Fitness test

Medical Tests

Shortlisted candidates go through medical tests in order to check their ability to perform duties to the fullest without intermittent interruptions. Their medical result reports are analyzed on the values of drug and alcohol screening, urinalysis, blood analysis, etc. This meets our clients’ expectations on the security guard requirements for various stationed and transit security roles.

Stalwart’s Physical Training

The Stalwarts Physical Training involves the training process that streams the role of the Security Guards. This involves both Physical and Emotional Training. Physical training is a continuation of the Physical Fitness Test and the Emotional analysis relies on reflex training to critical situations. The third one is the Lead and Synchronize training. This training instills the way all the Security Guards under our team will handle a particular situation. Even though there are a few contingencies it seems to be a proven method.

Evaluation and Probation

After the Background Check, a typical score of 80% in all the other rounds will make them get through it. Once placed, they undergo a 1-month training program in one of our regional offices. A 3 months’ probation period is fixed and they are analyzed for their initiative, discipline and timely execution of duties. Upon satisfactory performance, they are employed permanently.

For deployment at our client business premises, we don’t do that in a random basis based on their hiring date or availability. Stalwart Group is well poised to place suitable candidates with the expertise, right tempo, security skills and interpersonal traits who fit your needs. This is how we ensure balance of client satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

At Stalwart Security we treat all our Security Guards as family members. We care about their welfare and their families. We ensure they are timely paid and their payroll compliances are met on time. We trust ourselves more to gain your trust in Security Services.

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