Hiring a Security Guard is one of the crucial steps in ensuring that we are able to secure our clients’ residences or large business premises. Security Guard’s role comes with diversified skillsets. They are highly organized, disciplined and play by security protocols. To ensure holistic security services, our security guards need to be versatile with the right aptitude and attitude.

At Stalwart Security Services team, we evaluate our security guards with multiple aspects including their education, background, career aspirations, moral values, and fitness. The hired security guards handle a lot of responsibilities over their shoulders and handle the toughest situations to fulfill their responsibilities.

  1. Being Fit Emotionally & Physically

One of the main characteristics of a professional Security Guard is being fit. The Physical fitness that they gain from Physical Training Services is an attestation that they are pretty serious about their career and ready to be deployed in the field. At the same time, they need to be empathetic enough to be a team player, understand changing corporate work cultures, embracing new security protocols with a humane touch. This ensures they handle critical situations with innovative approaches for the betterment of our clients and the overall society.

  1. On-Point Alertness

Reflex value is the best thing for a Security Guard to prove his sturdiness. Emotionally critical situations such as sudden vandalism have to be handled during an adrenaline rush and a steady mind. This comes innately for a few and others can accumulate over a period of time. At Stalwart Security Group, we train our security guards on how to stay alert and be abreast with changing protocols to solve problems.

  1. Transparency

There is nothing like Transparency – an ideal trait we look for in prospective security guards. Each security guard is an integral part of the overall security system. Transparency comes out of innate goodness, moral values, and behavior he learns from the system. Our systematic and scientific approach of validating candidates to hire for a security guard position helps to identify such prospects. We ensure our guards demonstrate professional ethics.

  1. Communicative Ethics

Open communication is vital in the field of security services. Both in oral and writing for documenting observations, raising questions and sharing knowledge requires a flat communication channel among security guards. Security guards who are good in their communication skills can help strike rapport with the clients’ facility managers and the knowledge transfer among new recruits much easier. Stalwart Group being present and serving clients in all the major cities, we are fortunate to have multi-language speaking security guards ready to be deployed in any of the regions.

  1. Team Playing Skills

The Security Guard’s role is not just about surveillance it’s about taking the Security aspects of the premise into their own hands. This means they have a lot of dependencies and multiple stakeholders. Security guards who are Team players will do very well in any client site as they easily gain knowledge transfer from clients and seamlessly work with the security guard agency.

What it looks simple from the outside is not actually not the case.

The Security Guard’s role is not only conducting surveillance for a premise but also stepping up to act as change-makers who make the environment secure and comfortable. Take this vital decision of hiring a Security Guard from trusted Security Guard Service Companies like Stalwart Group.