Unlike other industries, background verification is an extremely important step while hiring security guards. Since they are entrusted with the safety and security of people, property, and assets, conducting thorough background checks help us to ensure that they are trustworthy individuals with a clean record, and thus prevent the risk of theft, misconduct, or other security breaches. At Stalwart, we ensure that all the candidates we hire go through rigorous background checks covering these key aspects. 

Criminal History: We conduct a Criminal Court Record Check through a certified background verification agency, which reveals any criminal history, including convictions, pending charges, or arrests. Guards with a history of criminal activity may pose a significant risk to the safety and security of the premises they are supposed to protect, and background verification checks are the only way to avert it.

Verification of Identity: Aadhar verification prevents individuals with false credentials or stolen identities from being hired.

Address Verification: Before hiring, we not only confirm the applicant’s current address, but also verify their permanent address as it is a more robust form of confirming identity, whereby their details can be traced back to the original residence.

Previous Employment Check: For senior roles such as Security Officers, we also check references and details about their previous employment to ensure that they have the necessary training and expertise to handle various security situations effectively. This helps us to gauge a candidate’s reputation, work ethic, and reliability.

Police Verification: In many industries, especially those involving government contracts or sensitive information, it is mandatory to obtain Police Clearance certificates for security personnel. At Stalwart, we have mandated the same for all our employees.

As a trusted partner in security services, we ensure that thorough background verification is carried out before our employees are hired. We believe that it is an essential component in protecting the safety and security of people, while maintaining the integrity of the security industry. 

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