When I look back at it, that successful interview with the Chairman for the role of Admin Executive brought in so much for a fresh MBA graduate that it set the premise for my growth as a professional. It was the year 2010 and I had just completed my post graduation with specialisation in Finance & HR. I started my journey at Stalwart on the 1st of November 2010 immediately after my interview and today as I complete 13 years here, I have served in multiple roles, equipped myself to handle various scenarios, and currently serve as the Vice President at the Head Quarters. It has been a power-packed journey of growth and personal transformation.

How has working in this sector shaped your worldview?

I was not aware that an industry like this actually existed and that there was a field of business involving security services. A big part of my learning has been in understanding the significance of our work and why this service is extremely important for our society. We not only protect and safeguard our clients and their valuable assets but also pave the way for a society that is built on just and safe environments.

What does teamwork mean to you?  

“Together Changes Everything” is my mantra and it has enabled me to achieve a lot of things in my career. Working with a team has helped me enhance my knowledge while also providing me with different views that helped us to complete or achieve the task at hand in the most effective manner.

I have been handling people across the regions in day-to-day activities, and have always made it a point to be polite with my teammates while guiding them and answering their queries. I believe that being supportive and approachable as a team lead is key to achieving a common goal. 

What is the most important learning from working with Stalwart?

Taking ownership or responsibility for one’s actions is probably the single-most important learning that I have absorbed from my workspace. It has equipped me to come up with multiple solutions for an issue so that there is a Plan A, B, and C at any given moment. The dynamic nature of our industry forces us to handle a new problem every day and invites us to find innovative solutions. It has propelled me to learn new things and to move forward with a positive intent, while teaching me to handle these situations through analysis. Over the years, I have also understood that only if I am confident can I inspire confidence in our clients and my team.. This changed the way I look at communication and its importance at work and personal life.