Once upon a time, things were more relaxed since life was much more secure. There were lesser cases of wrongdoings. People were least worried about matters like security, robbery, abduction, etc. However, today, these things have turned into the primary safety criteria one must ensure. When preparing to move into a new house, it is essential to have proper home security checks in place. Nowadays, having a safe and secure surrounding is the most critical factor involved while buying a house.

Security & Technology

With great progress comes great responsibility. The technological advancement has several benefits. Its latest focus is on residential safety. Surveillance in and around the house has become mandatory. Now, with the help of distinct applications and gizmos, surveillance is feasible. Although these only work as a guarding unit for your house, these are considered an expensive bargain.

Tips to improve home security

Having a surveillance mechanism and other security checks is good. Yet, sometimes, the most effective security requires in-house checks. When security charges rise, but the residents won’t feel safe enough, some life hacks are a must. Here are five tips that one should keep in mind to improve safety whenever leaving the house:

  1. Secure your door locks: First and foremost, check the door locks. It is vital to ensure that none of the doors are jammed. Also, even if a door is secured but has a weak lock, it will be of no use. Hence, if a door frame is weak, make sure it is strengthened using a thick steel strike plate and long screws. This will help in restoring the doors in case of any possible break-ins. Besides, it is crucial to replace any vulnerable locks with certified deadbolts with higher strength grades. Also, all the main doors must use door joints that operate from inside. In case the house keys are misplaced, make sure that all the locks are changed
  2. Reinforce the window panes: Nailing the windows is never the right way of guaranteeing security. This leads to reduced cross-ventilation in the house. Therefore, to ensure home security, installation of window stops must be done. This allows the windows to remain open a few inches. However, it still won’t open wide enough to allow any forced entry through the window
  3. Hide valuables at unusual places: Always remember that hiding valuables in the locker or cupboards are not the way to ensure security. Such locations are predictable and in case of a burglary, will always be checked first. Instead, try hiding any valuable items in random household goods or food items
  4. Stop mail and newspaper delivery temporarily: A stack of mail or newspaper piling up in front of the house gives away clear signals to burglars. In case you are leaving the house for a longer duration, ensure that the post office and newspaper deliveries are put on hold. If not possible, enlist a neighbor, who can collect newspapers and mail from your property every day during the span of your absence
  5. Reinforce the air conditioning: Last, but not the least, air conditioning units kept in unsecured windows are easy to push and can give access inside the house. Hence, this makes up for open space for burglars to crawl in through. By using air conditioning brackets, the possibility of such a risk gets eliminated. Also, sliding window lock or corner braces can be used to secure the air conditioners in one place

Security guard services

Other than the tips shared above, it is vital to understand the value of physical security. For a residential area or any other type of infrastructure, physical security plays an active role. The presence of security personnel ensures any unusual activity that a surveillance camera, security gadget, or application may not be able to capture. With the help of security guard services, any surveillance system works as an added support and ensures efficiency in securing the premises.

Physical Security services in India

In its areas of development, India has taken home security into serious consideration. Security services in India have seen rapid growth in the past few years. These security service agencies provide guard services as well as devices and fixtures that can be installed inside the house. Some of the best security guard services in Delhi include DSS Securitech Pvt. Ltd., Patronage Security Services, KB Securitas Pvt. Ltd., etc.

These security guard services in Delhi give customized assistance, as well. From one-day events to corporate buildings, these agencies also provide requirement based security services.

The endnote

The growing need for security guard services in India has created several bifurcations in the field. The technological changes are also helpful in developing these services further. With the help of these security services and using smart tips, it is quite effortless to increase and ensure home security. And these will be beneficial whether you are home or away, on vacation.