Security program at a gated community is expected to be tight and should safeguard the residents from every security breach. Contrary to the famous belief that a closed gate is enough, gated communities need a well-planned security team and skilled guards for protection. Here are some points to be implemented in the gated community safety measures:

Protected Access Points, protected from threats:

Entry and exit points of the community is the prime spot where you should employ maximum security. Separate monitoring facilities are needed for vehicle and pedestrian roads in security planning. At the least, the gates must be controlled by some restricted access device. Pedestrian gates can be supported by an alarm which will notify when the gate is widely open.

Improved communication- improved protection 

The residents of the gated community should have a clear line of communication between the security guards. Common discussion should be there regarding the security policies employed in the community. These types of meetings will help the new residents to have a complete grasp of the rules and policies of the community. Good communication must also take place between neighbours. This will help people to identify if they are in danger and act accordingly.  

Full time security:

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A 24/7 availability of security personnel in the premises of the community is inevitable. The mere presence of them will be enough to keep a lot of security threats away. Their full-time accessibility can also be an advantage during emergencies in the community too.

Watch over visitors:

 A constant check on the people who go in and out of the community is advised to improve the security of the place. Maintain a visitor’s log at the gate and ask non-residents to provide identity proof before entering the area. Visitors’ log must be comprehensive which includes not just their name, but details like entering and exit time, where they come from etc. The vehicles should also be monitored and thoroughly checked before entering the place to reduce any possible chances of danger.

Unexpected patrols- Unexpected results

Randomized patrols are a great way to stop crimes from happening in the gated community. The criminals won’t be able to track the pattern of patrolling as it is chosen randomly. This will also help to prevent the residents from misbehaving.

Light drives crime away!

Install quality lights in the community and ensure everything is functional. Improved visibility with these lights will help to reduce crime and act immediately if something happens. Residents can also report suspicious activity in time if there is enough light in the area.

Qualified security guards for assured protection

Hiring skilled and trained security guards are crucial. Trained security not only monitors the visitors, but can do the security assessments, foresee threats, and make necessary arrangements to confront them. An experienced team of security guards will have clear roles for each one of them and will cover the whole surroundings.

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Modern technology, advanced security:

Use advanced technologies to monitor and safeguard the area. Install surveillance gadgets like CCTV to keep track of the movements in the community. Club the functioning of physical security guards with the technology to get top-notch protection for your gated community.

 Common response centre for a difference  

The community should have a common centre/or number to report crimes and suspicious activity. This will help with coordinating the emergency action team without losing time and stop the crime from happening. Circulating the common contact number among the residents will make the process faster.

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