At Stalwart, we understand the growing importance of integrating technology with manpower services to be able to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and automation is one of the most powerful ways of doing the same. In facility management, automation involves the use of technology and advanced systems to streamline and optimise various tasks and processes within a facility. We have partnered with LETUSENSE to offer a state-of-the-art FM automation solution, which is a unified platform for managing complex building management functions and tracking staff activities. It offers the following features:

System Health: Monitor real-time device status, repair history, track asset inventory based on QR codes, manage contract renewals and other compliances.

Staff Activities: Paperless checklists for scheduling and tracking staff activities with multi-level approvals, WhatsApp-based Helpdesk and Chatbot Training.

IoT Automation: Unified dashboard for real-time information and IoT-based automation of system health monitoring.


  •       Reduce Wastages: Minimise resource consumption and wastage through intelligent monitoring and alerts.
  •       Reduce Manual Effort: Automate processes and checklists to free up human resources for more valuable tasks and optimised resource allocation.
  •       Resilience against Failures: Proactively identify and address system vulnerabilities to ensure uninterrupted operations.

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