Stalwart’s smart technology upgrade to AI-based Surveillance from existing Video Surveillance Analytics & systems

-Col. Manjeet, Executive Vice President, Karnataka


Intellisenz- AI based surveillance systems

Intellisenz- AI based surveillance systems

Stalwart has established an effective security dragnet at large public establishments such as IT parks, manufacturing industries, logistics units, warehouses and residential complexes, where various criminal incidents often occur. Our security guards are deployed to thwart criminal intentions by physical domination of the area, taking the assistance of CCTVs, which effectively scan the site and record occurrences.

Relying on the existing surveillance cameras for electronic surveillance has its own drawbacks. Large number of surveillance cameras means storage of huge amounts of data from individual systems, which security personnel have to retrieve, collate, and review to pinpoint the concern. This process involves a significant amount of time, and also is devoid of proactive deterrence. Therefore, at Stalwart we profess incorporating INTELLISENZ, our new generation AI-surveillance solution, and integrating it onto the existing video surveillance analytics system to enhance its effectiveness, thus making the entire search and analysis process more precise and efficient

Explaining our new gen Video Surveillance Analytics:

Video Surveillance Analytics system uses computer vision technology to capture and analyse images from surveillance cameras to detect, recognize, and analyse people, events, and behaviours. Generally, these systems are also able to store videos for long periods of time for subsequent queries and analysis. When AI technology is incorporated into video surveillance analytics systems, it can automatically analyse surveillance video without the need for human monitoring and actively alert guards or security personnel to abnormal situations through alarm notifications.

Incorporation of People Tracking technology:

People tracking technology is a technique for tracking and analysing individuals in surveillance footage, typically using AI video analysis algorithms to identify human body contours and features. Its main purpose is to identify and analyse the movement patterns of individuals, understand their activity range, movement routes, and behavioural patterns, and further conduct crime prevention, tracking, or searching for missing persons.

People tracking technology can extensively be used to enhance public safety in places with high people traffic such as office buildings, shopping malls, educational institutions, and even large residential complexes.

How does Stalwart’s security solution improves the performance of Video Surveillance Analytics system:

Adding people tracking technology to the video surveillance analytics system can enhance the present technology commonly in vogue, by three distinct aspects:

  1. Improved recognition rate: It improves the recognition rate of tracking people trajectories. Through AI video analysis, filtering can be done based on the age, gender, appearance, clothing, backpacks, etc. of the tracked person, allowing the system to identify people more intelligently and accurately, thereby reducing the false recognition rate and minimising false alarms.
  2. Improved crime detection capability: This technology can assist law enforcement authorities in crime detection and tracking by analysing information such as the movement path and activity range of individuals. For example, if a person stays in a specific area for too long or repeatedly visits the same location, this may indicate suspicious activity. In robbery or theft incidents, this triggers an alarm. The system can assist law enforcement by quickly locating the possible whereabouts of suspects by tracking their movements, thus increasing the success rate of arrests.
  3. Integration with mainstream video management systems: To achieve automatic analysis and recognition of a large number of surveillance videos, INTELLIZENZ is integrated with mainstream video management systems (VMS) to enable users to obtain real-time information about the monitored area. Through this integration, users can easily upgrade their existing surveillance and security systems and enjoy more convenient functions brought by AI, thereby enhancing user and environmental safety.

The Future of AI linked surveillance systems:

AI-based surveillance/tracking solutions have the potential to revolutionise the existing security and surveillance industry. As video analytics algorithms and deep machine learning technologies continue to develop, camera systems and people tracking technology will become more precise and efficient in the future. This however would not diminish the need for physical security. AI integration will only act as a force multiplier, for speedy detection of a perceived wrong coupled with fast reactions to thwart wrong-doings, thus enabling thorough sanitisation of criminal intents, keeping the public environment safe.