“I want to build a values-based business that focuses on putting the customer first and delivers premium services at affordable cost.” – A.K Shekar, Founder and Chairman

The journey of Stalwart People Services India Pvt Ltd began with this vision of A. K Shekar, a postgraduate in Monetary Economics, who, after 26 years of a successful career in banking, took a leap of faith to start a company of his own in a completely different area of expertise.

Started in a one-room office in the year 1991, today Stalwart has PAN India presence with an employee force of over 12000 people, serving customers in various industry verticals across 22 States. Amid trials and tribulations involved in driving a fledgling business to achieve success, growth, and profitability, he has remained steadfast in his founding vision, and he pushes the team to have a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, innovation, and attention to detail.

When asked what his message to the team is, Mr. Shekar said: “We have a core set of employees who are the main contributors to both qualitative and quantitative growth of the company. My objective is to appreciate and elevate this powerful team who are the main accelerators for our success. I would like to convey my gratitude for their hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication and I look forward to seeing them flourish within the organisation and serve as examples for the rest of the team”.