Intellisense – Stalwart’s new generation AI-based CCTV Monitoring Platform


The problems of video monitoring today: 

  • Operator fatigue: A CCTV operator loses focus after 20 minutes of looking at the footage. He/she can only monitor a limited number of video feeds simultaneously. CCTV operators are also affected by occupational health problems such as computer vision syndrome. As a result, CCTVs are used only for deterrence or investigation, not for real-time threat response.
  • Equipment Sprawl: Infrastructure keeps changing over time, new cameras and NVRs are added and there is a mix of manufacturers, camera models, and features. This leaves us with no single pane view of the entire system.
  • Hardware Limitations: Features in hardware devices are frozen and cannot be upgraded easily. There is a 3-to-5-year lag between AI-innovation and their incorporation in devices. Features such as cross-camera event sequencing, global video search, etc are not being implemented in hardware devices.

The Solution – Artificial Intelligence-based Video Surveillance:

  • Respond to threats in real-time: Key distinguishing features of AI based video surveillance include 
    • landscape change detection, 
    • perimeter intrusion detection, 
    • violence detection, 
    • crowd control, 
    • license plate detection, 
    • congestion alert etc. 
  • Investigate Incidents: Hours of video footage can be summarized and made searchable for persons or objects across thousands of video cameras, thus enabling speedy investigation.
  • Audit and enhance security architecture: Helps identify hotspots and low coverage zones using geo-spatial mapping and enables optimization of human guarding using a threat analysis framework.

Intellisense – Stalwart’s new generation AI based Video Surveillance Platform

Stalwart’s autonomous surveillance platform is the first of its kind in the country. Intellisense does not require replacement of existing cameras, recording equipment, or networking infrastructure. It is an effective tool to incorporate the benefits of artificial intelligence into your security system. To learn more about our product and find out how it can help your organization take security surveillance to the next level, please contact us at