While the entire world is seeking multiple jobs, a widespread role that people find intriguing is that of a security guard. A security guard is a uniformed guard that you see outside the entrance door at several venues. While they are sometimes standing, scanning everyone that enters the buildings, they may also be on rounds to check the premises. Either way, a security guard plays a significant role. While the country’s soldiers protect the nation’s borders, a security guard protects the building’s boundaries from intruders. Continue reading ahead to know about the top 5 skills and qualities that employers look for in a security guard.

Is there a proper school to train security guards?

There are several security guard training academies and programs. The fastest way to get a job as a security guard is by enrolling at a security company and agency. They not only train you for excellence but also help you to get a job. Moreover, employers usually trust security companies over individual applicants.

A security guard should be physically fit

One of the most prominent qualities that employers look for in a security guard is physical fitness. No employer wants a security guard who is lazy and lethargic. It would help if you were swift on your feet and agile. The moment you are called for, you must be ready to rush. You should practice running and other forms of exercise every day to ensure that you are fit and in good shape. You cannot be obese or malnourished if you aspire to become a security guard.

Your personality should be charming

In most buildings, be it residential properties or corporate venues, the security guard is the first thing that visitors pay attention to. Thus, imagine that you are working at an international chain of hotels. Then, you must be able to command respect. You should have an aura and a charming personality. Do not confuse this with good looks. You must follow basic things such as a straight face, correct standing posture, straight back, and activeness. Since the first impression is the last, you can play a significant role in making or breaking the company’s name.

Do you have excellent communication skills?

A security guard must excel in communication but should not be talkative. It would help if you had an eye for detail. In case of any unpleasant occurrence, the police will rely on your eye-witness accounts. Moreover, you should be able to recreate any crime scene by providing accurate details about the attackers/intruders, the time when it happened, the events that took place, their clothes, etc. You are the base of every case and investigation. When an instance gets out of control, and you are unharmed, you must have the necessary arrangements to contact the cops and tell them everything as clearly as possible.

Do you know about first aid?

It is a common misconception that a security guard’s role is to fight people robbing the building. No, that is a myth! A security guard needs to do several things, and one of them is providing first aid in case of crisis. You must be ready to face every situation. In case someone is stabbed or injured in front of you, you must provide immediate relief by bandaging the wound. Then, you must have the hospital’s number on your speed dial. Contact help as soon as possible and ensure the victim’s survival.

Every security guard needs to be fearless

No one wants a cowardly security guard. You must be prepared to face every situation bravely. A security guard is likely to encounter all sorts of people. It includes good ones as well as the naughty ones. It would help if you learned to handle everyone tactfully and protect those around you. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a security guard should think about other people’s lives before he thinks about his own. In a nutshell, you must follow a life motto of “them before me.”

These are the top five qualities that an employer looks for in a security guard. Some of the most common places where security guards can find jobs are banks, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, beauty parlors, residential complexes, bungalows, offices, Government buildings, etc. It is a list of the static security guard roles. Some of these posts may also require you to go on night patrols and rounds. To conclude, being a security guard is a challenging role that you need to work hard for. Though it gets daunting at a point, please focus on the smiles of carefree citizens that sleep peacefully because of you, then, it will all be worth it!