Running a security guard service is not as easy as it sounds initially. Though an outsider would feel that all you need to do is train your security guards to be fitter, there is a lot of more that goes into the making of a successful security agency. People depend on you for their personal security and property’s safety. Thus, you must continue reading ahead to know ways in which you can improve your security guard service. With these quick tips under your sleeves, there is no way that you will remain sub-par.

1. Have you thought of a way to supervise the guards that you have hired?

Supervision is the key to excellence. When you hire a security guard, he has to undergo a series of tests and examinations to prove his abilities. But the staff tends to get lazy and laid back over time. In such a situation, it has a direct impact on your safety. The best way to ensure outstanding productivity is through surprise supervision rounds, random checking, and a tracking device. Lack of supervision may often lead the guard to think that his role is not important or that he can do whatever he pleases. In severe cases, he may also resort to unfair practices such as stealing and bribery.

2. Is your guard well-trained?

The security guard’s training plays a crucial role in determining his achievement at work. If you feel that personnel is unable to exhibit his talents properly, then there are high chances that he did not receive adequate training. Most of these orientation sessions are held in groups, so there is a possibility that he did not get ample attention. Additionally, you must also ensure that the staff receives on-site training. Remote training can help them improve their physical fitness and agility, but Site Specific Training helps them to understand your needs and the property better. If you are unsure about their orientation, it is a good idea to attend one session and assess it personally.

You must pay attention to the little things that your guard does. It includes the way he behaves with guests, how seriously he is taking his training period, his physical fitness, and likewise. These small details can make a major difference. You should study his services for a week or two and make a list of the pros and cons. Eventually, you should discuss the shortcomings and suggest effective remedial measures.

3. You must verify your guard’s qualifications.

A lot of people do not know that professional security guards must have a license to work. It is a state-regulated permit that allows them to take up the challenging role of security personnel. Before hiring anyone to work on your property, it is a great idea to interview them and verify their qualifications. You must cross-question them without any hesitation and ask them anything you want. Keep them for the role only if you are satisfied with their answers or move on to the next candidate. Their educational qualifications must also be checked because he should know basic reading, writing, and handling of technological equipment.

4. Surprise inspections and undoubtedly underrated

Sometimes, it is superb to hire a third-party to inspect your security’s efficiency suddenly. It refers to a set-up where you ask a friend or colleague or turn up at the property and assess your guard. Or, you may also hire a professional for the task. However, one precaution you must take is to ensure that you do not hire anyone from a competing agency because that will lead to biased results. You should find out if they know their tasks, understand how to tackle situations, and are genuinely alert. Sometimes, creating such mock conditions can also be beneficial in understanding their competency.

5. There must be regular touch between the contractor and the consumer

A security guard’s role, as stated earlier, is critical in determining the smooth functioning of daily life and business. There must be regular contact between the contractor and the final consumer. While the security agency never leaves any stone unturned to fulfill consumer wishes, it sometimes happens that the result is not up to the mark. What can you do to sort the problem? It’s simple; communicate.

There must be constant communication where the consumer states his grievances or points that he likes. The meetings can be organized formally or informally over a call. Remember to include aspects such as constructive feedback, the result of security audits, and supervision systems. Accordingly, it gives the agency a blueprint for improvement. Necessary remedial measures can then be planned and implemented for instant recovery.

6. Have you considered all the avenues of hiring?

Last but not least, whether you are hiring a security guard for your personal property, agency, hotel, bank branch, or any other venue, you must consider all the avenues for hiring personnel. Sometimes, even the most competent human resources departments and insightful knowledge fail to procure the trained ones. Instead of relying on one source, it would be best if you explore your options. Local newspaper listings and online advertisements are remarkable. Asking people around you or those in your field can also be helpful. Experience is a great teacher, and you must use this knowledge to your advantage.

These are the top 6 ways in which you can improve the security guards that you hire. Each of the points mentioned above has been tried and tested for several years. Only then, experts have stamped them as accepted and useful. Your choice of a security guard can make you or break you because a lot is at stake. There is always scope for improvement, and these handy tips are quick to implement.