An excellent security guard service is essential to secure your business premises. Continue reading ahead to learn about 5 ways to increase workplace safety.

Invest in a unique identification system

A unique identification system can indicate several ideas. However, let’s first begin with the simplest one. Every employee in the company should be given an identity card. Be it someone from the management strata of the lower class of workers in the company, everyone should be treated equally when it comes to premise access. The identity card should have details such as the name of the employee, a photograph, contact number (in case of any emergency), date of birth, blood group, and department.

For companies that are willing to invest a notch higher, a fingerprint access design sounds perfect. Each time the employees enter or leave the premise, they need to put in their fingerprints that automatically records the time. Some business houses have also started putting eye scan access for confidential information. Another technology that you can use is the insertion of a tracking chip in the identity card. However, the biggest drawback of this system is that it becomes a hassle if an employee forgets the identity card or, even worse, loses it.

A CCTV camera gives you a bird’s eye view

You must install a CCTV camera wherever possible to cover the entire premises. Let’s start with a broader perspective. Every floor should be under 24 hours CCTV surveillance. Following this, you must delve into the separate cabins and rooms such as the pantry, the conference room, the creche (if any), and likewise. The cameras should be placed in such a manner that they give easy viewing access to every part of the venue. The range should not be obstructed. Following the recent increase in global crime rates against women, a CCTV assures the ladies that they can come here and work freely.

Please note that you must also employ a professional team to monitor the CCTV screens and keep a close watch on what’s happening. In case of any emergency, they must be equipped to rush to the spot and handle the situation skilfully. Another benefit of installing a CCTV system is that the footage can serve as evidence in case of any accidents, thefts, crimes, or anything. Keep in mind that only a few trusted hands must get access to the CCTV system and not everyone.

Have you thought about fencing?

Though it sounds regressive, proper fencing is still one of the best ways to ensure that you have secured your business premises. There are multiple options for you in the market. The simplest fence is a high wall that is impossible to climb. It should not have any broken or peeling bricks as they can serve as footing slots for attackers. Next, you can explore your options and go for spiked fences. So, anyone who wants to trespass is immediately caught and hurt by the spikes. This method has been used in several facilities.

Other than the fencing ideas mentioned above, you can also try investing in electrical fencing. This is better suited for high-intelligence business premises of multinational companies that have a higher turnover. In all of the cases, it is vital to keep security personnel who will patrol the grounds regularly and keep a tab of what’s happening. For the uninitiated, these fencing ideas not only protect you from intruders such as thieves and robbers but also vandalists. Wall graffiti is one of the most frequently faced problems that business owners need to sort.

Secure your windows with proper blinds

The office windows give ample view to outsiders. It can give away several critical information such as the internal routes, locations of different desks, the timing of the workforce’s entrance, and likewise. Though these may seem trivial at the beginning, attackers can use this information to their benefit and cause major trouble. So, what should you do then to protect your business premises? Opt for window blinds! If you search online, you can find a range of window blinds to pick from- colored, textured, wooden, plastic, fiber, and more.

Window blinds are blissful because they allow the right amount of natural light to enter the room while you still maintain your privacy. You can regulate the blind openings according to your wish, and it gives you a sense of enhanced security. Additionally, they are way more aesthetic than conventional curtains and can transform the way your office looks. Time to score brownie points from clients for maintaining a beautiful premise!

Professional security guards are a necessity

Last but not least, professional security guards are a necessity in every business premise in the world. Trained security personnel imparts several benefits to the property. Firstly, they have knowledge of how to tackle intruders. It refers to their physical fitness and mental alertness. While they practice their defense moves daily, they also know what to do in case of an emergency and how to contact the cops as soon as possible. A guard also knows how to react in instances of medical emergencies and has a complete understanding of basic first aid. In case, you have a team of armed guards; they can also use the shots when necessary.

They help to make your business premises more secure by regulating employee behavior. For example, they will keep track of the entry and exit times, check the ID cards, ensure no one messes with the CCTV system, patrol the fenced boundaries, and act swiftly when needed.

If you are wondering how to hire the best security staff for your business house, then all you need to do is refer to the security guard agency. Remember to state our requirements clearly, and you will be good to go. Expect the team to start working soon, and you can then focus all your attention on the company’s growth.