In general, security guards carry lots of gear. An efficient security guard will carry the necessary equipment required to protect himself and the property where he is assigned to. Keep reading this article to find out the top 9 pieces of equipment that security guards possess to carry their work out effectively:

1. Flashlight

A flashlight is the most necessary piece of equipment, which is a must for a security guard to carry. If a guard is assigned a duty in the daytime, a flashlight might not seem so necessary, but it can be of use in specific scenarios that require more light or when you have to go to a darker place. A flashlight provides more protection, and the ones that guards carry are long heavy-duty metals and are used as a striking device. You do not need to attend a special training program to know how to use a flashlight, whereas they can teach you how to use one effectively in combat situations. The most common type of flashlight is Maglite flashlights because of this solidness, bright light, and durability.

2. Security guard baton

Another essential piece of equipment for a security guard is a Security guard baton. These are used to protect the guards themselves. This is a weapon that will help you safeguard without it being used. The fact that a guard has a security baton in their belt is intimidating enough. This will make sure that people around are calm as they know this weapon can cause a considerable amount of damage. However, in most states, before you are hired, you are required to complete a special training program before you carry one legally.

3. Boots

It is essential for security guards to have a good pair of boots. Most security guards have stated that a good pair of boots will prevent guards from having sore legs and a sore back after they have carried out their duty for the day. These make sure they have a comfortable time preventing pains or any aches. A durable pair of boots are guaranteed to last a lifetime as most guards are required to carry out their shifts walking around in patrol. Whereas, a cheap pair of boots will end up damaged, and you will end up buying another pair by the end of the year. Most uniforms require a black pair of boots; you must check them out before purchasing them.

4. A security guard belt

A security guard belt is a must to carry the most important pieces of equipment and make sure they are easily accessible. Security mustn’t have to fumble around to look for the necessary equipment as per the scenario. Be it a flashlight, pepper spray, and so on; they must be easily accessible to the guard. Most security guard belts have extra clips so that you can attach extra pieces of equipment as per his or her requirement. A guard must make sure the belt is of good quality to avoid it from tearing.

5. Pepper Spray

A security guard must always keep a pepper-sprayed equipped because it is one of the best ways to repress an individual, an attacker without causing any permanent damage to the person. Normal civilians such as hikers and students are allowed to carry this for security purposes. In contrast, guards and police officers must attend a special training program to understand how to use this item to its full potential when they are on duty. There are many types of pepper sprays available in the market. Security guards mostly purchase the UDAP.

6. A cell phone

A cell phone is mandatory for all guards to carry. Although most communication is done using a walkie-talkie or other radio lines, a cell phone is necessary to call in the officials or the fire department much faster in times of crisis. A guard must feed the most important numbers in his address book or on speed dial so that he doesn’t waste time looking for the number and acts accordingly.

7. A mini-first aid kid

Most security guards carry mini-first kits for their safety and the safety of other individuals around them. They must always be equipped with the necessary first aids such as band-aids, pain killers, bandages, and so on. The last-thing a guard wants is to waste time in finding some aid; thereby, it is advised to keep one always in hand.

8. A handgun

For security guards to carry a handgun, he must undergo a specialized program to keep a firearm on duty. Likewise, when compared to a security baton, a handgun is pretty intimidating and a great way to keep the surroundings secure. The fact that a guard has a gun in his belt can keep things under control. If a guard is to draw his gun at any point, they must make sure they are abiding by the law, and that is the reason why the training period is very long, important, and intense. You are sometimes paid a higher cheque for carrying a gun with you at all times. A guard must also go through all the legal procedures to carry a handgun.

9. A digital camera

A digital camera is termed as a security guards’ best friend, especially if it contains video capturing features. Taking pictures and videos under certain situations can help you understand and explain certain situations better, especially in cases when you are brought to court to testify for certain things. You can click pictures of individuals, property, vehicles, and crime scenes; these are most likely to help build your statement.

A security guard has to take up a lot of responsibility to make sure he carries his tasks properly, providing utmost safety to himself and the surrounding property and other individuals, and preventing any crime scenes. Thereby, he must be well equipped with the important gear that will help him carry out his duty. A guard must enroll himself in a special training program as these programs teach individuals how to react to combat