Whether you have a 5-star hotel or a small corner store for everyday needs, due to high crime rates having security guard services has become a necessity for both small and large businesses. Having a security system not only protects your business from thefts and other security breaches but also fosters a safe environment for your employees and guests to strive in.

Why does your business need a professional security provider?

Preventing every single crime that may or may not happen seems impossible, but with an efficient security system in place, most of them can be deterred. Professional security services provided by Stalwart help you secure your business premises, protect all your sensitive data, and ensure the security of all your employees. Even for formal or informal business events, the security of the VIPs is significant.

Due to the high crime rates in some specific areas, individuals carrying sensitive data for their company or businessmen carrying cash to make transactions, individual security services like escort guards have become popular. An effectively secured business helps you sleep better and provides a safe work environment for your employees.

Things to consider while choosing a security service:

With several local and international security providing services available, choosing the one that suits your specifications can be a daunting task. Every business has its specific requirements for security that need to be considered before choosing security services, but few of the crucial factors to be considered are:


Security services having a valid PSARA license and registered under PF, ESI, and other authorities, are more trustworthy.


A company with more years of experience in providing security services under their belt is more reliable as compared to the newer ones.

Customer reviews

Every service provider claims the superiority of their services, which is why one must look for high customer ratings and check reviews before selecting a provider for security services.

Pricing of services

A company that provides quality services within a varying price range is more affordable and budget-friendly.

Type of service provided

A small corner shop won’t need armed guards or escorts for customers, a large hotel chain, on the other hand, can’t have uniformed guards only. Thus, it becomes essential to choose a service catering to the needs of your business.

Commitment to training

The whole idea of having professional security providers is to have reliable, well-trained security officials to protect and secure not just the property, but the data, resources, and especially employees. An under-trained staff will prove to be inefficient. Thus, it is crucial to check the type of training a company provides to its security staff.

Systems and processes

At the time of a security breach, efficient emergency response and crisis management will help ensure minimum loss to life, data, and property. It is also vital to understand the organization structure, process of recruiting professionals, and their background verification process.

Technological access

With the high-tech gadgets available for communication and keeping surveillance, security professionals should also be trained to use them.


A quality service provider also makes sure that proper communication is maintained between the business operator and the security services provider.

What are the various services most security services provide?

The best security services are the ones based on the type of business/ event to handle. Some of the popular services can be:

Security guards: The most primary service provided by any security provider is that of a security guard. It involves deploying unarmed and uniformed guards as per your requirements. Their work involves:

  • Patrolling and guarding the premises
  • Protecting the assets from unauthorized access or theft
  • Monitoring the entry and exits
  • Regular inspection of security and fire control equipment
  • Maintaining entry registers and other documents regarding visitor entry as required
  • Responding to emergencies

Armed guards: Armed guards are trained and authorized to carry weapons. These are mostly deployed at financial institutes like banks, ATMs, jewelry shops, and other similar places that require high-security coverage. Top-notch providers of security services like Stalwart, provide the best safety measure by:

  • Careful background evaluation of every guard before recruitment
  • Rigorous training of guards
  • Keen surveillance
  • Clear protocols for emergencies

Escort guards: Some situations may necessitate the need for a personal security official. This is especially required in organizations extending security for employees working late at night or carrying high-security data for the company. IT companies, industries, hospitals, check-cashing businesses, and other similar groups are examples of such organizations.

Event management: Planning a grand opening for your new business outlet or launching a new product or service, efficient security management is a must for any event. Even for parties with high dignitaries and VIPS overall security of the event is critical. A well-structured event security organization ensures the safety and smooth running of the event by:

  • Systematic crowd control
  • Coordination with law enforcement officials
  • Well planned placement of uniformed guards

Central Monitoring Services: Central Monitoring Services (CMS) is a prolonged security solution which caters to end to end needs of clients. CMS, also known as remote surveillance includes the following three elements:

  • Physical Guarding
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Quick Response Team
  • CMS aims to reduce security manpower by relying on security automation tools like CCTV cameras, intrusion detectors, fire alarms, etc. On detection of any intrusion in the premises, the alarms alert the quick response team which handles the interruption effectively.

Why choose Stalwart security solutions?

Stalwart security guard agency offers you top-notch security services at affordable prices. The company, with around 20 years of experience in the field, provides you with the best guards to safeguard your business through rigorous training of professionals, thorough background checks on every guard, and strict protocols for emergencies. It also caters to both your short term (event security service, personal escorts) and long term (Central Monitoring Service) security requirements. Stalwart is an authorized security service provider with proper protocols for emergencies, efficient quick response teams and highly trained and licensed guards.