Security guards are essential to protect people and property. They are mainly hired to look after crowded places such as residential properties, clubs, shopping malls, pubs, and likewise. Though they are the most underrated part of the family, people rely heavily on them for a safe environment. But have you considered the equipment that a security needs for his safety? Yes, it would be best if you made a note of the following protective gear that is crucial for every security patrol.

The armored vest is number one on our list

The armored vest is one of the most important protective equipment for the security guard. Armed security personnel are highly exposed to problematic situations that can turn into fatal ones. In such a case, the armored vest is like his life jacket. A basic gear such as a bulletproof jacket can make a major difference in the security’s functioning. For the uninitiated, these items are considered part of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It is the perfect formula to avoid dangerous situations. The most frequent crisis that an armored vest can help in is gunshots and stabbings. The most susceptible locations include banks and shopping malls.

Have you considered the footwear that you provide to your guard?

The security needs to do most of the patrolling work on foot. Thus, it becomes evident that you must invest in comfortable daily-wear shoes that enhance performance and productivity. No matter which security guard you speak to, he will tell you that his footwear plays a vital role in determining his success. Heavy-duty boots can help you excel and reach another level of achievement. The shoes you pick must be light-weight, easy to wear, and have a cushioned sole. It must be suitable for running and multiple-terrains because some personal guards may need to travel across cities and nations. A mistake to avoid when buying new boots is not to look for something “cheap.” Consider it a long-term investment!

“Hello, can you hear me?”

Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the biggest game-changers right now, where top companies in the world have been investing more and more on innovation and technology. While some of you may consider a walkie-talkie to be a substitute, you must not forget that a walkie-talkie has a limited range. On the other hand, the mobile phone is multi-purpose. The patrolling guard can not only call anyone anytime but also take photographs and recordings. These can later be used as evidence. It is the perfect equipment that allows them an instant connection with the police when needed. Some security companies also have their apps that the guards can use to update the day’s tasks, give information regarding maintenance, and talk directly to the authorities when needed.

What is a protective guard booth?

A security guard booth is also referred to as a guardhouse. You would be mistaken if you felt that a guardhouse is only meant for the break time. Wonder what happens in areas where the temperatures are extremely uncertain, and the weather can change at any point of the day. A guardhouse can protect the personnel from the harmful elements of nature. Additionally, it serves as an extra layer of protection in hostile situations where there are gunshots. Bulletproofing the guardhouse can sometimes be expensive, but it can be remarkably helpful in the long run. an in-built CCTV system can also be beneficial where the guard can have a bird’s eye view without moving anywhere.

Let’s flash a security torch!

A security torch is very important for the guard because it is his best companion when there’s darkness. When you are buying a security torch, you must ensure to look for the following features.

  • It must be a cell-based torch because electricity is very uncertain in some areas. Thus, you must have a ready stock of batteries
  • The torch must be water and shock resistant because you never know when a disaster may strike. The guard and his equipment must be ready to ensure everything
  • It must be light-weight and easy to carry
  • The torch must have LED bulbs

Have you wondered how important the guard belt is?

The guard’s belt is crucial in his uniform because it gives him a more professional and crisper look. But, have you thought why it is made a part of the ensemble in the first place? A good belt is one that is resistant to water and daily wear and tear. Along with durability, it must have buckles to hand essentials such as keys, a torch, gloves, pepper spray, or anything else that the individual needs. It isn’t very easy to generalize the items because each guard must be allowed to work according to his comfort.

The guard also needs an alarm to notify others

Last but not least, a security guard often needs to work alone. Be it protecting your house when you are on vacation or looking after the ATM at night; the guard does it all bravely. Thus, the lone working alarm app on the guard’s phone can assure him that he has help available at a call’s distance. A security tracking app is best suited for this purpose because all the guards need to do is press the alarm, and it will notify all those connected to the application. Additionally, an alarm in the guardhouse can also notify the nearest police station.

This is a complete list of the top 7 protective equipment that your guard needs when he is on patrol tours. While the guard’s responsibility is to protect you from all harm and intruders, it is your duty to provide the guard with every essential gear he needs. It will boost his performance at work, instill confidence in him, and enhance your lifestyle in turn. Finding a security agency and online equipment is now effortless. Get the best possible results within a few clicks and taps today!