To put in simple words, Integrity facility management consolidates the various office-related services in a building under a single umbrella, improving the total functioning of that organization. This single point for all facility management services brings better coordination between various work and increases the efficiency of occupants inside the facility. Following are the four distinct benefits of having an integrated facility management service in your building:   

Cut down the working cost

Low operational cost is the prime attraction of Integrated Facility management. Having a bunch of different departments and sections to handle the facility management services will not be healthy for a good organization. It will end up wasting money and resources without knowing where to spend it correctly. For example, if an organization is having two separate departments for cleaning and garden maintenance, chances are there they may ask for funding at the same time. You will not know which one is an emergency and will end up spending on both. Integrated facility management will have hands over all these sections and will know which is emergency or not. By consolidating various departments, it helps to lower down the working cost and increase the profit margin.

Shift back to your core business

Suppose, you are running an IT firm and without focusing on your core business, your day just went for calling vendors to repair AC or explaining the cleaning schedule to the workers! You will definitely lose business and the profit margin will come down. Integrated facility management is a solution for this. Using various digital tools, integrated facility management will ensure an organized working atmosphere and the managers do not need to jump between various workers to coordinate the office. This will help you to focus back on your core business and thus enhance the working of your organization. With a broader view of the organization’s work, you will be able to take more strategic steps to improve the business.   

Improved response time

The use of various technologies in integrity management is helping to coordinate various works in an organization, thus saving a lot of time. Work order requests and other notifications can be issued in real-time via mobile devices if the integration is done correctly. This is especially useful for larger companies with several locations to manage. Anyone, regardless of where they are, may access the information and answer inquiries right now. Organizations can take up their work more swiftly and need not wait long for various vendors to complete the work.

Increased lifespan of assets

Having an active integrity facility management in the company will reward you with healthy assets in the building. An integrated facility management service provider will do a constant inspection on the site and will do the necessary to keep the things inside the building safe and sound. This will increase the lifespan of tools and instruments and will be fully functional. Preventive maintenance, immediate response to complaints and inspection on time can help to save a lot of money in the long run.

 Establishing proper integrity facility management requires deep planning and preparation. Stalwart, being the prime integrated facility management service provider, can help you with this and experience a smooth work-life! With years of experience in the field, Stalwart will be a perfect fit for any type of organization. Call now