With 27,027 deaths, every fifth fire-related death in the world takes place in India. Nearly 9 million fire incidents and 1.2 lakh deaths were recorded across the globe this year. Fire can be very tricky. Not only can it destroy commodities, but it can take lives. The probable for fire in the workplace or living space is not something to take lightly. This can be a very vulnerable environment considering the number of people usually present in the building. 

Prevention should be the priority in reducing an unendurable number of injuries and deaths. Anxiety and fear are the major factors that create havoc during such an emergency. Today, most buildings are equipped with fire safety and fire protection systems. Nevertheless, fires still occur and result in fatalities. The salient part of the problem emanates from the fact that the majority of fire protection systems in buildings are put in place with false and incorrect expectations concerning how people react in emergencies. Having all required safety products at your place either at home or office is of utmost importance. At the same time, it is wise to keep trained employees either at home or office so that one can save lives when it is most required.

Ideally, it is most suitable to keep the trained security personnel for the usage of the safety instruments and fire safety products. Good training in fire and safety can prove to be life-saving learning. Instead of getting into a panic and creating too much havoc situation, it is better to deal with the scenario so that the evacuation procedure can be done successfully.

STALWART PEOPLE SERVICES offers the security service with trained security personnel with complete training on how to make use of these safety products in case of an emergency for your residential as well as commercial infrastructure. It will surprise you to know how much is packed into the security guard training that potential security workers go through before they become certified.

Asides from the protection skills, security guards are trained and given diverse knowledge, which prepares them for almost every situation they may come across during duty. This makes a security guard the ideal person you want to have by your side when the going gets tough. During emergencies, most people become thoughtless and cannot seem to make simple decisions. Inaction during critical moments can drastically worsen the situation and lead to extensive loss of lives and property.

However, when you have on-site a security guard that has adequate knowledge about emergency responses and the skills to facilitate them, then the situation can easily be controlled before it worsens.