a group of lady security guards with children's

As an organization, we strive for transparency in our dealings with our customers and our employees. The founding philosophy of Stalwart is to provide personalized and consistent services to our customers and to treat our employees with fairness and respect.

Our Customers:

  • We proactively seek feedback from customers twice a month
  • Special team focused on addressing customer grievances
  • Statutory compliance and documentation
  • Training programs for customers and their staff

By providing an ongoing opportunity to our customers to voice their suggestions or concerns, we show them that their business is truly important to us

Our Employees:

  • On time salaries
  • Statutory benefits
  • Subsidized Accommodation
  • Salary Advances and Performance Incentives
  • Free tea/coffee at site
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Dedicated Helpline to answer queries

Our guards feel that their voices are heard and that the company takes care of them. As a result, we see a high level of motivation on the ground and our attrition is lowest in the industry.